Ariel pulls down her panties exposing cleft of Venus

cleft of venus panties pulled down

I am a sucker for girls with a sexy cleft of Venus pussy. Ariel from embodies everything I am looking for in a girl. She has perky small tits, a cute face, a flirtatious attitude, a firm butt and her pussy is divine. When I look at girls like Ariel I really don’t feel like I am cheating on my current girlfriend because I only date girls with all of the above mentioned qualities. You could call them my standards and I adhere to them in a very strict manner. So the girl I am dating right now, a brunette, might not look like Ariel’s twin sister above the neck, but she sure does below it!

Just the other night my girlfriend had an awesome idea. She was over at my apartment and she came out of my room wearing only a red pair of satin panties and a red satin negligée. When she walked over to me as I was sitting on the couch I figured she would straddle me as usual and ride my cock. Not on that night.

Instead she pulled me off of the couch and stripped me of my clothing. My cock bobbed around in front of me as if it was trying to smell the air for her scent. Next my girlfriend pulled her panties down in the front exposing her cleft of Venus to me. It looked good enough to eat. Very smooth and very sexy!

As I watched my GF produced a bottle of baby oil gel. It is like baby oil only it is gelled so it holds its shape. She squirted an index finger worth of this slippery substance right into her cleft. It pooled into her panties and she grabbed my cock pulling it into the gooey liquid. When my cock made contact with the pool of gel and her cleft I felt two opposing sensations. The gel was very cold, but her pussy cleft was extremely hot. Without even thinking about it I bucked my hips sending my cock several inches between her cleft. Then I started pulling in and out!

Once I had a rhythm going my GF pulled the hips of her panties up tight locking my cock in a tight cocoon of satin and pussy flesh. As the head of my prick passed by her clitoris she began to breath harder and harder right along with me. We kissed for a bit, but then stopped as we were too out of breath. I put one hand on her firm ass and the other on the small of her back. She wrapped her arms around my neck. We pumped our hips until we both began to cum at the same time.

My spunk filled her panties to the point it was oozing out of the sides. I pushed her back until she was lying down never letting my cock out of that cocoon. Once she was lying down I jerked my hips downward and then thrust my cock up into her pussy. My cock was still in the odd space between being able to perform and having to take a little rest. As we kissed some more my cock came back to full hardon and I began fucking her tight snatch all over again; cumming inside her all over again.

As I said before, I don’t feel like I am cheating on my GF when I look at girls like Ariel because ultimately it is my girlfriends cunny I am imagining myself banging. It is her pussy I am licking and her mouth I am stuffing my cock into. Whether or not your significant other is as hot as Ariel or not you can enjoy more of her and her friends at KarupsHA!