Cierra Spice


Would I hit it? Oh, only about two—wenty times or so. And that is just during my lunch hour. Wait until I get home. Then it is time to bang this barely legal beauty until she is raw!

Cierra Spice is the new girl on the block at the La Zona Modelos network. They specialize in finding hot Latina teens no one would dream of turning away. Girls like Gigi Spice and Pamela Spice have already graced the pages here at

Not all of the girls from La Zona have small tits like Cierra Spice. Some of them have big tits, but most are B-Cups or less. Unlike most of the girls Cierra Spice doesn’t do hardcore. But don’t worry, because plenty of others do and you get access to them all!


That’s right! As a member of Cierra Spice you also get access to several other solo models and some of them do hardcore. Plus, you get access to the sites that started these solo models on their careers. La Zona Modelos and Pacino’s World.

Why would anyone into Latina teens go anywhere else?