Gigi Spice

Do you remember the first time you fed your hard cock to a young nubile teen? I do and she looked remarkably a lot like Gigi Spice above.

They both had pert small tits and a nice tight body. My Gigi Spice loved the summertime. I loved her tan lines from her teeny weenie bikini! This Gigi shaves her pussy 100% bare, but mine left a landing strip.

I got my first blowjob after some friends all got together and had a pool party. We all didn’t have bathing suits because the party wasn’t supposed to be at the pool originally so we all jumped in wearing our skivvies.

My Gigi Spice wore a white bra and panties and neither of them did a good job covering up once they got wet. The trippy thing is that she didn’t seem to mind at all. With her shave job it was like looking at her naked beaver. A heavenly site to be seen.

Eventually we ended up inside the house and we both had on towels and not much else. I pointed at her and she leaned forward and started sucking on my finger. My dick shot up so fast I couldn’t hide it!

We headed off to the master bedroom and she helped me lose that hardon real quick. There is something about the slow rhythmic movements of a teenager like Gigi sucking on your cock that make all of life’s troubles go away. I was just getting over a girl that had dumped me and now she was the last thing on my mind. updates weekly and has videos in every format you could ever want including iPod and MAC! Gigi Spice members also get access to the sites of her friends. Consider it a Latina teen mega-pass! Check the join page for more details!

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