Melissa Matters – Hot Secretary

So my buddy Pete calls me up. Says, "Dude, you gotta come down here and see my new secretary, man. She is fucking hawt!"

Pete knows I run several porn blogs and other shit dealing with porn so he calls often. Pete runs a site called The Wet Peach. It is a clearing house for hot college coeds posing nude and getting nasty.

I show up at his office and he has some young hot blonde sitting in an office chair wearing only her panties and bra. Seriously, I expected to walk in and she would be wearing a skirt and a white blouse and maybe her bra would show through. But half naked? Even better!

So I tell Pete that this girl is solo model material and he says, "No shit man. Exactly what we were thinking!" And the next thing you know Melissa Matters was born.

Now everyone can enjoy this hot coed babe and her beautiful wet peach. I love the porn business!