Pure 18 – Jessi Andrews


Ever had a kinky friend that liked to do the whole friends with benefits thingy? I did when I was growing up and this picture of Jessi Andrews from Pure 18 is a spot on depiction of the stuff my kinky little friend used to do!

Sure, she wasn’t exactly a Victoria Secrets model, but the girl liked to give it up so that automatically raises the score a few points. One thing this girl loved to do is wear her panties, her bathing suit and leotards inside her pussy. Just like Jessi above!

The first time I ever licked her pussy she played this game with me where she had our Halloween candy and I was blindfolded. She’d have me lick a piece and then try to guess what it was.

The game started out normal, but then she decided to switch things up. She was having me lick one of those large blocks of gum like a Bubbalicious… or so I thought. What she had done is rub the block of gum on her pussy mound after she pulled her leotard up into it. So the texture was soft like the gum and had the taste you’d expect to find.

"Naaaa-ohhhh, keep licking!"

"It totally tastes like raspberry Bubbalicious. I got it. Next one!"

"Nooooooohhhhhhh, keep licking!"

Soon my tongue found its way inside the folds and hit the fabric of her leotard. What was this? I feverishly licked at it and she moaned a bit. I guess her clit was probably aching for skin on skin contact from the other side of the material.

"Keep li-ck-innnnng!"

I decided to use my tongue to try and move this obstacle out of my way and it worked. Now I was running my soft, wet tongue on her clit. She grabbed my hair and ground her pussy into my face.

Being my first foray into pussy licking I wasn’t "sure" I was even licking one. But my hardon didn’t care. My dick shot up so fast it got stuck on the quick exit hole of my underwear. Quite painful! I needed to move it and as I did so…

"Ohhh, wooooowwww, are you playing with yourself?"

All I could say is, "Mmm nnhhh blaaahhy mmmssslllfff."

"I want to see you touch it!"

I could feel her twisting around on top of me and I could tell her "possible" pussy just changed direction. She quickly caught up with my hand as it was leaving the scene and she squeezed my cock with it.

"Take it out. I want to see it."

The blindfold was still on me tight and my arms where stuck facing my hips since she was straddling my head with her legs on either side. I so badly wanted to move that blindfold because this girl was kind of a tricky bitch. I didn’t trust her as far as I could throw her!

I felt my pants unbutton and my zipper retreating down my crotch.

"Take it out! Please! I want to see it! … AND KEEP LICKING!"

Leap of faith time. I resumed my tongue lashing on her clit and pulled my pecker out so she could see it.

"Now rub it!"

As she said that she once again grabbed my hand and placed it on my cock. I began to stroke the precum around it and soon worked up a nice rhythm. She started breathing real heavy.

"Show me how you cum! I want to see it shoot out!"

As I worked my cock I felt her hand come back and pull her leotard way over so I could use my tongue all over her soaking wet pussy. Her tight cleft tasted like nothing I’d ever tasted before and it was so soft. My cock was getting close to exploding as I imagined what it’d feel like to be inside her.

"Lick the hole too!" She said.

I ran my tongue into her hole and fucked it back and forth inside her a bit, then moved it back over her clit and then back into her crack again. Our individual rhythms turned into a harmony as she began to buck her hips and control the pace of the tongue lashing.

She started breathing heavy and the next thing I knew her mouth seemed to be on my cock. Again, for all I knew she let her dog in the room and I was getting a K-9 blowjob. Fuck I hated this bitch and her blindfold games just as much as I loved playing them with her!

Her moaning got louder and she started shaking. I decided it’d be best if I waited to cum until she was done. Sure enough, her mouth slipped off of me as she tried to catch her breath. Then it was back on me and it didn’t take me long to explode my jism into her hot little mouth.

After my dick shot the last bit of cum into her she plopped on top of me. I couldn’t believe this all happened! Did we really just go 69?

I felt her flip around to face me and before I knew it she was kissing me with tongue. Her mouth tasted a bit salty, but I didn’t care. If she was willing to suck that stuff out of me, I was willing to kiss her with it still in her mouth.

After that game we played many games for years until we both went to college in different states. We did, however, manage to "keep in touch" over the phone and still do occasionally!

As I was saying, Jessi from Pure 18 looks so much like her I almost thought it was her! Pure18.com finds barely legal girls and gets them to share with the world all of the kinky stuff they’ve shared with their friends-with-benefits.

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