Sweet Apples


No, this isn’t an ad for the Nikon Coolpix camera. Though I guess it could be. If I had a girlfriend like the one above I’d definitely buy her this camera, no matter what the price, if she committed to sending me pics like these every night!

No – This is a review of the site Sweet Apples. What is Sweet Apples you ask? Or better yet, with so many self shot candid sites out there, why would I want to join Sweet Apples?

Well, like most of the sites, Sweet Apples updates daily. They have literally hundreds of thousands of self shot and candid photos. There are hundreds of videos meant for boyfriends that somehow found their way to the Internet. Sure, most other sites have all of this. So what sets Sweet Apples apart?


At SweetApples.com you are only going to spend $10 to join. If you keep it rebilling this rate stays the same for life. Be quick about joining though. Like most sites of this nature Sweet Apples regular price is around $29.95 a month. That $10 rate, that is good for life, is only going to be offered for a limited time!