Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye
It is refreshing to know you are not the only one in front of a computer looking at porn. Brooke Skye might have blue eyes, long legs, pert tits and work as an Internet model but she needs to release the steam just like anyone else.

A friend of mine who is not in the industry once commented that Internet models shouldn’t need sex since they have it so much updating their web sites. What a douche. The whole point of why she is banging herself on the Internet is that she can’t get enough…. ever!

Brooke Skye is that girl from band camp that fucked her flute and just about every kid on the bus. Yeah, she is no Raven Riley. Brooke is the girl that puts out on the first date and gets pissed and offended when you decline (I mean, if you are gay or something)…

The real nice thing about Brooke Skye is that she doesn’t cheat on you. She bangs chicks and hell, there is nothing wrong with that. Shit, she might even let you bang her friends too!

The videos at Brooke Skye are shot in ultra high definition. Even the sample movies on her web site are clear as can be. Along with clear videos you get clear pics.

Brooke Skye has been on the Internet now for three years. She updates multiple times a week and that means you have over 150 weeks worth of reasons to join. Along with her pics and videos you also get her live web cams.

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