Seducing The Sitter

Nicole Ray Stephanie Cane

Getting married is often thought of as the end to a great sex life. What most guys don’t take into account is that it is very important to choose who you marry. While most guys don’t want to marry a woman with a high class profession due to competitive issues, other guys find this to be the only way to go!

But why? I’ll tell ya why… When a girl goes to college she finds out that lots of girls are bisexual, not just her and her best friend from high school. Suddenly she is having sex with more hot babes then she can count on her fingers!

Having sex with hot babes is just as addicting to women as it is to men. So once she becomes a doctor or a lawyer she still wants that teenage pussy!

That is where Seducing The Sitter comes in… Nicole fell asleep after the kids went to bed and Stephanie can’t get her mind off of the cute girl’s panties! They reminded her of the special nights she’d spent with her girlfriends in the coed dorms!

So when hubby suggested they make her work it off, Stephanie was all for it!

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