Andi Pink Army Brat

Andi Pink

Say hello to the Army’s newest recruit, Andi Pink!

Well, if the boys in Iraq could only be so lucky… Andi decided to do this gallery at the request of one of the boys in Iraq and what a great idea it is.

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Andi started her website about a year ago and it immediate became a hit because of her…. well, you know… pinkness 🙂

Andi Pink is the ultimate girl nextdoor. Her skin is so fucking smooth you would swear it was grafted off of a babies ass. Her eyes are so hot they could melt glacier ice. Her lips, her smile… are you getting the idea here?

This teen nubile likes to keep her pussy closely cropped. I could only imagine what it’d feel like to run my dick inside her. But that is pretty much the point of porn isn’t it?

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