Bailey’s Room – Flirty Girl


Have you ever noticed how teen girls do this kind of shit? They dress provocatively, flash you their panties, then swear they aren’t doing it on purpose and expect you to be a gentleman. Well, sweetie, I can be a gentleman… Gently touching your pussy lips with my tongue!

Bailey looks like one of those teenagers with a tasty pussy. One that doesn’t smell and tastes like nothing you can really pin down. A good taste. Not too sweet. Not bitter at all. No sour, no salt. Just creamy goodness!


Yeah, yeah, yeah…

We’ve all heard it before, Bailey. You didn’t even notice your dress had ridden up, or that your panties got sucked into the folds of your delicious pussy. Yeah… It happens all of the time.


Oh, that?

Yeah, Bailey has a delicious ass too!

You can be privy to views like this all day long with a password to She lets you inside her teenage fantasies and conjures up a few of your old ones.

Knock the dust off your dreams with Bailey’s Room and an entire network of solo models sites with one low price. Take her tour and check the bottom of the page for more delicious details!

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