Little Caprice And Her Teen Booty

Little Caprice in the shower

Life is full of fleeting moments, particularly where sex is involved. The teenage years don’t last long enough! When I was in high school I had a girlfriend that liked to use the shower massager to masturbate. I used to watch her without her knowing all of the time. Then we broke up and it was like – FUCK!!!

It has been a decade and I haven’t found a girlfriend yet that uses a shower massager to masturbate regularly or that will let me watch her use it regularly. So what is a poor boy to do?

There is a solution, thank God! Her name is Little Caprice and she loves having guys watch her as she masturbates. Funny thing is she looks a lot like my old flame. She even acts and sounds like her too.

By joining this solo models site you get instant access to her entire four year collection of updates. If you think she looks barely legal in the gallery above wait until you see what Caprice looked like four years ago. Good god!

First check out this fan site devoted to Little Caprice. You get free access to lots of galleries and videos. If you like them join and get longer ones and complete galleries. If you don’t you might want to consider going gay.