Mandy Mayhem


Time for some Mandy Mayhem; flashing her tits and showing off her shaved pussy.

Mandy reminds me of a girl I dated back in school. In the beginning we didn’t have sex because she was a bit nervous about getting pregnant. That doesn’t mean she didn’t have sexual thoughts though.

Once when we were at her house and her parents were at work we got into kissing pretty hot and heavy. I tried copping a feel and she rebuffed me. I told her all of this heavy foreplay and zero sex is giving me blue balls. She suggested a solution.

Her solution was that I could look but, I couldn’t touch. I was a bit miffed. I told her that this would only make my nuts worse, not better! I needed a release!

My girlfriend said she knew I jack off so there was no way my blue balls could be as bad as I had said. I asked her how she knew and she informed me that, “Uhh, you shot your load into my panties last week when I was in the shower. Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?”

Oops! I actually was counting on her not noticing.

Then she said, “You’re lucky I do my own laundry. If my mom found them she would have kicked me out of the house!”

So, in compromise, she showed me her shaved pussy crack and lifted her shirt up to show me her boobs while I masturbated into a fresh pair of her satin panties. Later she confided in me that she didn’t wash her panties right away because she wanted to smell my spunk while she herself masturbated before sleeping.

Eventually my girlfriend came around and when she did it was like opening the flood gates of a sexual dam. She wanted to fuck six times a day. We fucked so often I was actually getting blue balls from ejaculating too often!

Mandy Mayhem reminds me of when my ex-girlfriend went through that explosion of sexuality. Mandy enjoys sex so much she bangs her girlfriends if there aren’t any boys around. Members get to see Mandy’s new sexploits on a weekly basis. Each video comes with pictures detailing the event. Sometimes she masturbates and other times she has girl on girl orgies.

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