Kamilla 18


One of my favorite 18 year old girls is Kamilla 18. She is fresh faced and very down to Earth. A shining example of what a girl next door should be. Great looking, but totally approachable.

Kamilla spends a lot of time in cotton print panties. She looks natural in them. Some girls that are in their twenties try putting them on thinking they can lure guys into barely legal girls, but it just doesn’t look natural. Kamilla 18 is all about being natural.


Along with her cotton print panties Kamilla has some very perky young tits. Put them together and you have to ask yourself if she is a freshman in college or in high school. The answer? Wouldn’t you like to know!


Instead of putting on thong underwear Kamilla does what most girls do at her age, she pulls her panties up inside her ass cheeks! I certainly wouldn’t kick her out of bed for doing it!


I just had to include this picture from Kamilla’s web site. Yeah, she humps the couch in this video. A girlfriend of mine once copped to having done this before. I dared her to show me her technique and she did! That was awesome, but with Kamilla 18 I can watch it over and over again, and so can you!

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