Teen Panties/Feet Video


This video features two things most boys hope to have happen at some point in their lives. I was lucky to get them both and to get them at the same time. The first is up close and personal views of a teen girls panties. And second is watching a girl rub lotion into her feet. I was lucky enough to feel those lotion covered feet on my young cock!

It all started when a girl down the street had me over and we went swimming. After a while we got out of the pool and sat Indian style in front of each other on our towels. She complained about how dry her feet were as she began to rub lotion into them. I sat there staring at her as she rubbed lotion into her feet and my eyes slowly made their way up her skinny leg.

Some time went by while I was staring at her crotch and I have no idea how long, but when I snapped out of it and looked up at her she was looking at me smiling. She asked me if I liked watching her massage lotion into her feet. All I could say was sure and she resumed her work with yet more lotion.

As I watched her I could feel my dick getting hard. It was pointing down my right leg and slowly inched its way towards the opening in my shorts. Just as it stopped millimeters short of peaking out she reached her foot towards me dipping her toe underneath the hem.

When her toe touched the head of my penis it felt warm after having been in the sun. She managed to get the head of my hard cock between her big toe and the one next to it before stroking her foot back and forth. Pre-cum instantly dripped out making an already slippery situation even more slippery.

I looked up at my footjob partner and saw she had a mischievous smile on her face. As she stroked my cock with her foot my shorts worked their way up my leg. Soon the first four inches of my cock were exposed.

With the added exposure the girl next door placed both feet on either side of my dick. To stroke it she leaned back on her outstretched hands. I inched a bit forward so my shorts would slide down further and angel my cock forward for more stimulation.

Right about then I began to feel awkward. I hadn’t had a female see my dick since my mother used to give me baths. On top of that I had never cummed in front of anybody before. Which she be grossed out?

Feeling her feet on my cock and the warm summer sun on my body as a whole helped me to forget about that question and focus more on the fact that I was about to cum by having someone else masturbate my cock for the first time ever. I am not saying I didn’t feel good jerking off to thoughts of this girl, I am just saying having her jerk me off was way better!

When it was time to cum I opened my eyes and watched as my initial shot of spunk leapt from my hardon shooting all the way to her tummy. Before it could roll down into her bikini bottoms another hit just shy of her crotch. I looked at her face and her expression was of utter amazement.

Subsequent spurts hit progressively closer to the launch point until my cum was oozing out of the eye of my cock onto her feet. She went back to stroking it between her big toe and the one next to it squeezing every last drip out of me.

“That was so cool,” she breathed.

I thanked her and motioned for her to release my penis. She reached down and ran her finger through my cum on her stomach. To my utter amazement she brought that finger to her mouth and sucked my spunk off of it.

“Salty!” She quipped.

She began to wipe the rest of my cum from her stomach and bikini hem as her mom came into the backyard through the screen door in the kitchen. I folded the towel to hide the puddles of cum and quickly pulled down the leg of my shorts.

As her mom walked up I saw she was carrying a pitcher of lemonade and some cookies. “Anybody hungry or thirsty?” She asked.

“Very,” I answered and reached forward to grab them from her.

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