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Back when I was in school my sister had this friend that would spend the night seemingly every chance she could get. In front of my sister she would act like I was pond scum. Then when my sister would turn around she would give me a look like Jana Jordan is giving you above. Yeah, I do mean a panty shot!

WTF? She would do this really coy like. If we were all in the kitchen and my sister was looking inside the refrigerator for something Jana Jordan would pull the back of her night shirt up and show me her ass. If they were watching TV and my sister turned to look at me, Jana would flash me a boob.

While it was highly erotic to see your sister’s hot friend’s boob, it was also very annoying! Sometimes I had to dash out of the room out of fear of my sister seeing the pup-tent my prick was pitching in my pants.

One day I decided to surprise Jana and when she showed me her panties I flashed her my dick. She let out an oh and then flashed me her shaved snatch. Oh fuck! My dick when instantly hard and my fucking sister turned around calling me a little pervert and informing me she might have to tell our mom!

Lucky for me she never did tell on me but the stakes of the game I was playing with Jana were upped.

The next day Jana and my sister laid out by the pool while I was swimming. Jana pulled her bathing suit over to expose that soft shaved beaver of hers once she was sure my sister was in the kissed by the sun trance.

Jana never looked to see if I was watching and I guess she just assumed I would be. Either that or she wanted to tan her pussy and I don’t think tanned pussy was her intention.

I needed to release and didn’t want to do it in the pool so I quietly slipped out of the water and went over to the side yard where no one could see me. I pulled my cock out and stroked it until it was time to cum and just then Jana Jordan walked around the corner. Oh well, too late!

I splattered the wall of the house with my cum juice and Jana smiled really big. She said I would have to do that for her some time when she could watch me from start to finish. I just nodded like a drone.

As a member of Club Jana Jordan I relive all of my sexual history with my sister’s friends. I also make up new fantasies for the ones that got away.

Along with boy/girl fantasies with Jana Jordan you can also conjure up some girl/girl ones too. Jana goes both ways!

Club Jana Jordan updates weekly with two picture sets and a new video. She also does weekly webcam shows and archives past shows so you don’t miss a thing.