Pantyhose Baby


You know, it is strange… Once you have sex with a girl wearing pantyhose, the pantyhose almost become just as important as the girl. Lucky for me the girl in question really enjoyed wearing pantyhose. In fact, she told me she used to masturbate each and every time she wore them because something about them made her feel sexy.

Another fact… She would later tell me that we hooked up because she noticed my fascination with her pantyhose. It turned her on to the point she asked me if I wanted to go somewhere more cozy! is where I go when I want to relive those moments… and create new ones we never got to. They updates a couple, a few and sometimes, several times a week.

What did I just say?

They don’t have a concrete updates schedule because this guy is all about quality. He won’t update daily because he can’t find suitable content daily. So he updates on the next day or maybe the day after.. but always within several days and sometimes back to back or more than one in a given day.

This guy knows the pantyhose fetish inside and out. No pun intended… The situations in the shoots span everything from BDSM to voyeur peeks through the keyhole. Lesbians, big boobs, small tits, petite girls, chunky babes… This guy is all over the place and I love it. The site never gets old!

Grab a Pantyhose Baby pass and enjoy the pantyhose fetish!