Obsessed With Myself


Everybody is coming out with ex-girlfriend sites. It is my job to weed through the bullshit and kick out all of the clutter. What we are left with is Obsessed With Myself.

What makes Obsessed With Myself so good? Well, for starters chicks that are indeed obsessed with themselves usually make the hottest and sluttiest videos!

Next, these videos are all self shot. And, you don’t just get videos, you get tens of thousands of pics too!

So now we have another problem with ex-girlfriend sites… Lots of pics and none of them in a series. Not here. Most of the pics at Obsessed With Myself are shot in a series. Even some of the videos are too!

Another bonus with ObsessedWithMyself.com is that you get daily updates. Hard to imagine these chicks actually send their shit in! Now you don’t need an ex-girlfriend that liked to take naked pics, you can have thousands of ex-girlfriends here!