Twin Brothers Fuck Their Step-Sister

two brothers work their way down their step-sister

Some kids should not be left alone. I know when I was growing up I spent a lot of time spying on my step-sister in the shower and jerking off to her panties. I even sniffed them from time to time. She never found out, thank God, but there was a time when I had wished she would have caught me and fucked my brains out. You could say that I was one of those kids you could not trust as a parent.

These days not much has changed. I have had sex with my wife’s friends and I have fucked two of my daughter’s friends as well. Granted her friends were in college at the time. And it wasn’t even my fault. They were the ones throwing themselves at me!

This video of twin brothers taking advantage of their step-sister reminds me of how badly I still would like to fuck my sister. She turned into a total hottie!