Abby Winters – Johanna

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If there is one thing in life I absolutely, positively won’t do, it is get tired of looking at the girls next door at Abby Winters. Girls like Johanna above model for Abby because Abby has a motto: Don’t fuck with the girls (unless it is a sex scene of course) and don’t fuck with the surfers either!

I have been a paying member of Abby Winters for over three years and I would never dream of cancelling. She updates the site with a buffet of Australian babes every week. This update schedule means an archive of porn so vast it will take you months to properly explore it.

Exploration is a good word to define Abby Winters brand of porn. The girls are exploring themselves and each other. Surfers just like you are exploring the girls, their interactions, their explorations and as a surfer you begin to ask yourself, “Have I been duped all of this time? Buying crap sites with the same air brushed bullshit? Having these sites play with my credit card?”

The answer is, “Yes, you have been duped!”

Stop the insanity! Join Abby Winters and grab all three flavors for $39 a month. Yes, it is more than the $28 someone else is charging you. No, they won’t hide in the terms an upgrade to somewhere else for $70 like the other people are going to do to you.

Members of all three flavors of Abby Winters get weekly updates including:

  • 11 new videos in total every week!
  • 7 new image sets in total every week!
  • 3 new solo models every week!
  • 2 returning solo models every week!
  • 2 new Girl-Girl videos! (Fun, Make-Out, Hardcore)
  • 3 one-girl masturbation videos
  • 2 two-girl masturbation videos!
  • Backstage content from all of the sites
  • Access to Eight Years of Archived Material!

Watching two girls masturbate in front of one another for their first time ever is amazing. I simply cannot put it into words. And the conversations these girls have! It is like spying on your buddy’s sister and her friends all over again!

Abby Winters is one of life’s pleasures that should not be denied!