Girls Making Out


What is it with girls making out these days? What used to be a once in a lifetime event has now become blasé. On any given Friday or Saturday night you can go into a club in the city and find some drunk horny girls kissing in a booth or on the dance floor. High school and college parties are littered with girls making out!

Not that I want any of this to stop mind you. I enjoy watching girls half my age making out. I just wish they were doing this sort of thing back when they were my age.


My kids (who are over the age of twenty-one) recently had a party at my house. Two sets of girls started kissing. The guys I invited are pulling out their cell phones and recording the show. The kids are all looking at us like we are dorks. I ask my kid what is up and he says girls do that so much these days they stopped paying attention to it. WTF?


Watching girls mack-down on each other is never going to get old with my generation. That I know for sure. At xPosing they have thousands of pictures of girls kissing sent in by members. Join a community of people that share your love for girls half your age. And remember, if she bleeds, she breeds!

(And that 16 with get you 20)