Lil Madison

On the TV and in the ballpark Manny is just being Manny. He is carrying his new found team into the post season and hopefully, for those living in Los Angeles, beyond.

In the video gallery above you get to see Madison just being Madison. Crazy how girls can carry on with each other. If I slapped a female friend on the ass I’d catch hell for it. But girls will be girls and as long as no one gets hurt and there are panty asses involved, what is the harm?

Lil Madison gets jiggy with her friends hinnies, as well as, her own. Watching her banana sucking video did two things for me. One, I will never eat a banana… That is just ghey… And two it gave me a reason to finally break out that special LCD monitor cleaning kit. Oops. is part of a larger network with both solo sites and niche sites. You get access to them all. Check out the join page and scroll to the bottom for all of the details.