Sienna Miller Wet Bikini


It is hard to believe that this girl is twenty-nine years old! She still looks like jailbait in a wet bikini! Her name is Sienna Miller and she is from the U.K.

Celebs Only has lots of teenage celebs, but with Sienna Miller looking this cut we can stick to the middle aged ones and still work Willy into a frothy goodness!

Check out more of her wet bikini photos below!


Fuck me if Sienna Miller doesn’t look like a teenager enjoying her first Spring Break in Mexico. No thunder thighs… The belly of a high school senior… and the tits of a sophomore!


Sienna got her start in modeling and has since done work in both films and TV shows. Almost all of her stuff is for British fans and is quite hard to find here in the states. Don’t worry though… Celebs Only tracked down hers and other U.K. celebs wet bikini photos and put them in the members area!


I’m telling you man… She is frickin ageless!


That’s right you little tease. Show me some of that hot teenage looking ass!


What I wouldn’t do to replace her hands with mine and rub some lotion into her hinny! I bet it is as hard as a rock and so are her nubile tits!


Nice nipples!

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