Emily 18

This gallery of Emily 18 reminds me of a girl I used to date that lived with her mom. No dad in the picture. She loved getting attention and she had some pretty hot ways of getting attention from me.

Her mom used to get wasted drunk and pass out on the couch. This is why I loved going over to her house. We were alone for the entire night after that.

One night while I was there she told me to wait in her room and she would be back. After about five minutes she returned wearing some of her moms lingerie. I had never seen a girl in lingerie in person before and my dick instantly got hard. She saw it pushing on my pants and giggled.

Emily 18 had me lean up against the headboard on her bed with my legs lying outstretched before me. She then grabbed her fishnet top and pulled the fabric over her small tits until her nipples both found a hole to peek out through. Once she got them out she leaned forward and alternated putting them into my mouth.

Having that fishnet there was so erotic for some reason. Even better then just sucking on her puffy nipples like I usually did. Trying to get one of them through the hole far enough to hold in my mouth was like a game.

I could feel the pussy heat of Emily18 while she sat on my hips. Her pussy practically burned a whole through her mom’s black panties. Did her mom ever look as hot as her daughter does now?

Emily 18 reached down and unzipped my pants and got my pre-cum covered cock out. She was as surprised by all of my wetness as I was. She started jerking my cock and moaning as I licked her nipples. It became obvious that she was just as turned on as me when she pulled her panty crotch over and my dick came in contact with her pussy lips.

She was so fucking hot that my dick just slid right in her pussy crack. Sometimes she would have to wiggle this way and that to get it in but, not this time. I think she liked wearing her mom’s lingerie as much as I liked seeing her in it!

Fantasizing about those times is so easy with Emily 18. Her looks are timeless. Her butt is just about the only thing not petite on her and even then it isn’t really big. Just really cheeky. Emily’s small tits are capped with puffy pink nipples. Looking at her lying on the bed is like looking at a compacted sexual energy just waiting to explode!

Emily18.com updates with 3 times a week. Since the beginning of the year all of the new stuff has been in ultra high definition. You can chat with Emily 18 on her own private message board.

There is no better muse for barely legal fantasies than Emily 18!


  1. Hai Emly you are so sexy an hot, i want to talk to u once, why u r not showing ur pussy.

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