MET Art – Blonde Teen


This nude blonde teen totally reminds me of a girl I saw at Springbreak. That year my girlfriend decided we should do Spring Break as a couple. She got three other couples to go along with it and let me tell you something, Springbreak and couples is a bad idea!

So any way, I was a bit layed up from the previous nights drinking so I decided to stay at the hotel a while by myself. When I started feeling better I went out to have a smoke on the balcony and when I looked down this blonde chick is hanging it at the pool. She is wearing some kind of white dress looking thing. Probably meant to be a cover up.

She has been drinking a lot and after a while she jumps into the jacuzzi. I get to wondering, does she have anything on underneath that dress? Because if she doesn’t, damn that thing is gonna be see-through!

I go back inside and peek through the drapes and sure enough, when she gets out I can tell the temperature by looking at her rock hard nipples. This young hottie lays back down on a lounge chair and starts drinking again and I start buffing my cock to the sight of her small boobs and hair pie.

The next thing I know the lock is jiggling in the hotel room door and I am like, Oh SHIT!

I leeped back into bed and my old lady walks in with two beers and desides to cheer me up. She is sashaying her ass and pulling down the front of her top and bending over infront of me. Perfect, now I don’t have to explain my hardon!

After she climbs into bed she begins one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. The entire time I have that blonde number from the pool swimming in my brain and I am imagining her blowing me. I hope my ex never reads my blog!

So who is that nude blond teen above and where can you find her? She can be found at The people at Met-Art match some of the hottest girls nextdoor with the best in photography to create nude art so dazzling it will blow your mind. The girls are mostly barely legal but there are quite a few college coeds and even some MILFs here and there.

Check out the tour and scroll all the way down the front page to get an idea of just how erotic the girls are and how many tastes the site can accommodate. I am sure you will find something to your liking!

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