– Natasha S.

met-art-natasha s

Smile mother-fucker! Why? Because now you can die, rest-assured that you have laid your eyes on an angel!

Natasha S. from Met-Art makes Oprah’s idea of what porn is almost laughable. Oprah would like to paint a picture of dirty, skanky, sex orgies from hell. Well, that is 100% bullshit! Sure, there are plenty of Gonzo sites out there featuring videos of girls having cumshots spewed directly into their eyes… Met-Art isn’t one of those sites. This place is a site of beauty! started out in 1999 with a simple goal. They wanted to travel the world and capture its women. No, not to enslave them, but to capture them on film and share them with the rest of the world. After all, why should the exotic locations be the only ones viewing this tasty eye candy?

With multiple daily updates this will be one membership you will enjoy. Like a kid in a candy store you get lost and time loses all sense of meaning. When it comes time to hit the hay and log off you feel like a kid being told the vacation is over. Time to go back to school. But, don’t worry, you can always come back tomorrow!

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