Abby Winters Annabel & Briana


Have you ever wondered how the girls you dated back in high school that supposedly never dated a boy before you, knew how to kiss, and seemed rather ahead of the curve when it came to sex? Wonder no more. The girls of Abby Winters are going to show you where they got their moves. From each other!

Most boys masturbate. More girls do to. Boys tend to masturbate more often then girls and more boys then girls masturbate at some point before the age of twenty. I am not sure why there is such a disparity in the numbers, but I do have a theory. Would you like to hear it? Too bad. You are going to anyway.


I have noticed that girls experiment with each other much more often then boys do. Boys think of sex in such a finite way. If you have sex with another boy you MUST be gay. Girls don’t see it that way. To them having sex with another partner of the same sex is just an extension of the love you feel for that person.

Since girls are having sex with each other they don’t feel the urge to masturbate as much as guys do. Some even bypass masturbation altogether and just have sex with other girls when there are no boys around. Of course they don’t call it having sex. They call it sharing oneself wholly.



Abby Winters has over one thousand models in many thousands of videos. Many of the girls do multiple videos and multiple picture galleries. You can download the movies or stream them, or both. Take the tour and feel the love!