Kimber Kira


When you have your newlywed in front of you in her new lingerie that is exciting. Even more exciting is your teenage girlfriend wearing her moms newlywed lingerie!

I had a girlfriend in high school I used to bang the shit out of and one night she called me from down the hallway to, “Come here!” I walked down and noticed her door open and the light off. Her parents door was open with the light on. I thought that was strange.

“Hello,” she called out. I definitely heard that coming from her parents bedroom. When I entered the doorway I was surprised to see her laying on her mom’s bed wearing her mom’s lingerie. She looked stunning!

Kimber Kira has the same youthful, long limbed body my girlfriend had. Not too big of a surprise since she is only 18 years old. Kimber loves to show off her panties and that isn’t all. She also likes to go full nude!

You can watch Kimber Kira having sex with her sleepover partners and her boyfriends too. Sometimes she has sex with them both at the same time! updates weekly and everything is exclusive. This girl is an exhibitionists dream. She really knows how to let it all hang out and look damn good doing it too!