Kristina Fey is for Suckers!


Some girls have a beauty that is unmistakable. Like little nymphs they capture your heart without even saying a word. Kristina Fey is one such beauty. Watching her from a distance you can find yourself lost in day-dream fantasies of her youthful breasts.

Kristina is the ultimate girl next door. She is exceptionally pretty or anything. But that is how she weaves her spell. Before you know it you are lost to her!


Just a girl and her sucker. That is what they call you and Kristina when you are together. She could ask for the world and you’d deliver it. All she has to do is pull out her magic lollipop and your mind swims in a mystic ocean of sensual pleasure!


Kristina Fey is a nymph like no other. She knows you are watching her. She knows what you are thinking about when you see her rolling her tongue around her sucker. She loves playing with you!

Do more than play at Once there you can spy on her whole family for no extra charge. Katie Fey, Felicity Fey, Andi Pink, Ariel Rebel… So many good reasons to make this dream come true!