Little Lupe


This video from Little Lupe reminds me of a great time from my past. I was dating a girl and we both hadn’t had sex yet. We did experiment here and there, but pretty much it was just fingers doing the walking and even then it seemed we couldn’t please each other right.

Then an older girl from down the street caught us kissing and petting behind some bushes and she agreed not to tell anyone about us if we showed her what we were doing.

My girlfriend was rather embarrassed being naked in front of someone with their eyes open. We always kissed with our eyes closed so up until that point, I had never actually seen her pussy naked, or even her boobs for that matter!

The older girl was really gentle and went slow with us explaining things and she made my girlfriend more relaxed. She asked us if we wanted to know all about sex so we wouldn’t be dorks anymore and we were both pretty excited to learn. The only hang up was that she wanted to show us in a hands on, mouth on, sort of way!

Again, my girlfriend was not exactly warm to the idea, but then the girl explained that we wouldn’t be kissing her so it wasn’t actually having sex. It was just learning and exploring things. She then went on to tell us that she had someone show her the same way and she just wanted to do something good for somebody else that was a virgin.

It all made sense so my girlfriend went along with it. First up was showing me how to kiss a girls nipples without acting like I was trying to suck milk out of them or something. I was all for it and to my surprise my girlfriend let her show me by licking my girlfriend’s nipples!

My girlfriend started giggling once her tongue touched her nipple, but once she put her warm mouth to her little breasts my girlfriend stopped laughing and started breathing heavy. I could tell she was liking it!

Next it was my turn. I followed her example and stopped flicking my tongue and started running its soft wetness in circles around her areola. My girlfriend instinctively put a hand behind my head to cradle me to her little bosom. The other girl joined in on the other nipple and pretty soon we had my GF moaning with pleasure!

After several minutes of this I pulled back from my tit and looked down at my GF’s crotch. She was wearing sky blue cotton panties with some kind of cartoon character on the front. Her pussy was so wet with our sucking her nipples that she had  wet spot the size of a quarter!

I let out a “wow” under my breath and the other girl pulled away to see what I was so happy about. She giggled at the site of my GF’s wet spot and my GF got embarrassed yet again. She closed her legs and gave the other girl a cross look.

Not wanting to make my GF upset the other girl pulled up her skirt and showed my GF that she too had a wet spot. She told my GF that it was normal when you are turned on to have one. It means you body is working and that if you didn’t have one that can be serious. She said that guys like moist pussies, dry ones hurt their penises!

With that my GF opened her legs again. Just then the other girl had a great idea. She suggested we should all show our parts down there and see what is different or the same about them.

The new girl went first and pulled her panties off. I could see a puddle of her juices on the crotch of her panties and she asked if I wanted to taste it. I was all for it, but looked at my GF as if to ask for permission. She nodded and I stuck out my tongue while this girl rubbed her panty crotch over it.

Her pussy tasted sweet and like nothing I had ever tasted before. From that day forward I was addicted to pussy juice! Next, she held the panties out for my GF! Guess what? She tasted her pussy too!

We all giggled at that and then the girl told my girlfriend it was her turn. She stood up and pulled off her panties and held them out for the girl to taste, which she did.

“MMMmmm, you taste good, girl!” She exclaimed.

“I want a taste!” I pleaded.

My GF held the panties out for me to lick and then pulled them away before my tongue came in contact with them. She giggled and I figured this was a good sign. It meant she was willing to continue with our learning!

I finally got to taste her pussy and then she started pushing her entire pair of panties into my mouth with another giggle. I pulled them out and laughed too. My GF was beaming with excitement!

“OK you, time to show us your rod!” The girl commanded me.

I stood up and pulled down my shorts. My underwear was also showing a wet spot of precum.

“Wow, looks like we aren’t the only ones excited!” The new girl chided with my GF.

When I pulled off my underwear both girls stuck out their tongue. I let my girlfriend taste first and she giggled and smiled holding her hand to her mouth. When I went to let the new girl taste she stopped me and pointed at my pecker. Some precum was dripping out and I bent forward to push it in her direction.

First, the new girl just licked my pecker. However, that was so intense my knees almost buckled! Her tongue was the softest thing to date to ever touch my pecker and boy was the head sensitive to that kind of touch! Along with being soft, her tongue was super warm!

Then she took the head into her mouth and rolled her tongue around my cock head. Instinctively I put my hands on either side of her head to steady myself.

“I want to try that!” My GF requested.

The new girl pulled back and let me girlfriend onboard. She licked it like the other girl had and then took the head into her mouth. I don’t think she realized the other girl was using her tongue. Good thing this girl was going to teach us how to have sex properly!

“Did you continue to lick him when you had his prick in your mouth?” The girl asked my GF.

“I didn’t… know.. no…” She stammered.

“It’s OK. I will show you. Give me your finger.”

With that she took my girlfriends finger into her mouth and preceded to give it head. She then purposefully ran a tooth into her finger to show her what to watch out for.

“Let me try again.” My GF motioned for me to lean forward again.

This time it was like heaven. That little bit of teaching did wonders! My GF’s tongue rolled all around my cock head and she even tried going deeper.

“Let’s see who can go the deepest.” She said before ramming herself down onto my cock. She took me about three quarters of the way inside her mouth before she popped it out of her mouth and gagged.

“It takes practice. I gagged my first time too.” The other girl reassured my GF.

Our new friend surprised both of us by taking my entire cock into her mouth. It felt so good I almost blew my load right into her throat!

“Try it again.” She suggested.

My GF put my cock into her mouth again and this time she slowly worked her way down to the base of my cock. She pulled back an inch and then up two more and it felt amazing! I started to fuck her mouth and the other girl cheered us on.

“Wow, that is so hot! Keep going! See if you can make him cum!”

It didn’t take long. My cum started shooting out and my GF pulled back before it was done shooting out. Some of it hit my GF on the chin and more hit her little boobies. Somehow it seemed so satisfying to see it plaster her like that!

Not wanting to lose my girlfriend to embarrassment the new girl leaned in and started licking my cum off of my GF’s breasts. Next, she moved up and licked it off of her chin and cheek before moving to her lips!

I had never seen two girls kiss before. Not even in movies! Here I was about to see them right in front of my eyes!

As their lips met the new girl stuck her tongue into my GF’s mouth and they tongue kissed, swapping my sperm, for what seemed like hours. It was probably more like two or three minutes, but it was long enough for my cock to spring back to life.

The new girl broke her kiss with my GF and suggested I should tug on my cock for them. Now I was the one with a red face. How did she know I masturbated? WTF? Did she know or was she just throwing mud at a wall and seeing what would stick?

She playfully stuck her tongue out for my GF to lick and when their tongue met my hand started pumping my cock. Just then she grabbed the back of my GF’s head and they began to kiss passionately. This caused me to speed up my tugging!

New girl’s hands started roaming my GF’s chest and she cupped my GF’s tits. My GF returned the favor and I was surprised to see her so curious about another girls body.

They broke away and looked at me tugging my cock for a few seconds and then they went back to passionately kissing each other. Next, the new girls hand started trailing down my GF’s belly towards her pussy. I expected my GF to clamp her legs shut like she did for me, but instead of clamping them shut, she opened them even further as if to say, “Take me, I’m yours!”

The new girl traced her fingers lightly all around my GF’s pussy and, again, my GF started moving her hands in a similar fashion. After about a minute of exciting each other enough they were both leaking juice out of their pussies they began to rub each others clits.

First they moved their fingers slowly. They would roll their fingers over and around each others clits and then explore further down their crevices to their vulvas and back up again.

This had me pumping so hard my cock juice was making spanking, smacking sounds between my fingers as my hand passed the hood of my penis. Once again the girls got my attention and took a few seconds to admire my technique before returning to tongue kissing.

What happened next left me stunned. My GF was the first of the two to put her finger inside the other girl’s pussy! I was shocked to see her taking that sort of initiative!

I was treated to seeing them both sticking two fingers into the others pussy while still masturbating each others clit with their thumbs. Over time their fingers were pumping as fast as I was and their thumbs were really flying over their clits.

We all started moaning and breathing heavy. My GF broke off her kiss and looked down at her hand as she worked the other girls pussy. She watched for a few seconds and then looked at my pumping my cock. I could tell she was about to cum and so was I!

I crept forward and put my cock in front of both of their mouths. They stuck out their tongues and bathed my cock in saliva from either side. My girlfriend started cumming first and the other girl took my cock into her mouth just as I was about to blow. Somehow I blew even more cum this time than the last time!

Once I was done the other girl leaned back and started cumming herself. Her moans were pretty loud and I popped my head up to make sure nobody could hear her. Unfortunately there was somebody in hearing distance and he started walking over.

I slapped both girls on the shoulder and pointed. We all hurriedly threw our clothes back on the new girl picked up a sharp rock and slammed it against my leg. I yelped as she scraped off some skin and a small drop of blood began to well up along with my tears.

Right as the guy got to us to see what was going on both girls knelt next to me as if caring for their injured brother.

“Everything OK?” The stranger asked us.

“He is fine. He just fell and scraped his leg, the big baby!” She informed him. “Do you want me to take you to your mommy?” the new girl asked me.

“No… I’ll be fine.” I said and the stranger started walking back to were he was before.

“We should go. Let’s meet back here tomorrow at the same time.” The new girl suggested to us.

We both excitedly yelled out “OK” and started heading back to our street.


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