Emily 18 – Sleepover


I swear this girl only gets better with age!

The webmaster over at Emily 18 just released more promotional stuff and I saw this gallery and it really hit home…

My own personal Emily 18 was the kid sister of a buddy of mine. I was over at his pad one day when he had to leave to help a sick aunt or some shit and he left me and his sister alone.

No big deal really. I knew she had a bit of a crush on me, but it wasn’t like I was going to act on it and she probably wasn’t that interested in me anyway…

As I was watching T.V. in the family room his sister came down and started watching it with me. She was wearing some kind of nightie and what looked to be some very tiny panties. I wondered to myself if she wore this stuff all the time or was I just getting lucky here?

His sis was laying on her stomach facing away from me and every once in a while she’d lift her legs, kick them around, rub her feet together, then put them back down… But as time when on I noticed the hem of her nightie kept going up and up with each kick! I was starting to see flashes of her orange panties!

It didn’t take long for my dick to get hard and start taking notice of the situation. Over a short period of time it went from backseat driver to shot caller, and before I knew what was happening, I was itching my cock head through my shorts!

As if things couldn’t get any sweeter in front of the T.V., my little Emily 18 look-a-like decided to open and close her legs at the knees now! I could see her frilly thong panties clear as day… or the portion that wasn’t up her cute little ass anyway!

By now my cock was spitting out precum and I pulled the leg of my shorts up and over so I could rub it without getting my precum all over the place.

After several minutes I began to lose track of time and my senses. I could see hints of her pussy crack through her panties and she was bobbing her legs all over the place. I closed my eyes and imagined my cock head pressing up against her tight, hot, wet pussy crack.

Suddenly I heard myself moan and I opened my eyes. That picture above is just about as perfect a depiction of what I saw as you can get, only my Emily’s eyes looked shocked.

I flubbered and blubbered out an apology and pleaded with her to be quiet about this. She just kept staring at me. I told her I’d do anything, buy her anything, just so long as she didn’t tell her bro about this. She just kept staring at me!

Then I realized she was staring at my cock! She wasn’t shocked, she was taking mental pictures, the crazy bitch! I started stroking my cock again and she reached down and put her hand inside her panties.

I couldn’t believe it. Emily and I were masturbating for each other and it felt so fucking awesome! After several minutes it was obvious to both of us that we were both ready to blow, but we also wanted this to last longer! Forever if it could be arranged!

After another minute of basically teasing myself I couldn’t hold back any longer. I needed to cum. But where? I grabbed a glass sitting next to me on the sofa table and edged to the end of the cushion so I could point my pecker into it.

Emily flipped over completely onto her back so she could get a better look at what I was about to do. I wondered if she had ever seen a guy cum before? Maybe in a video perhaps?

At exactly the same time we both went over the edge and came. My sperm blasted out of my cock so fast and powerful it hit the bottom of the cup and shot back up. Luckily it was an in and out, and back in sort of thing. Several more globs shot out before it finally started oozing.

The entire time I was cumming Emily sat there taking mental pictures of my performance. As did I of hers. Once the snaked was out of venom I put it back in its confines and she sat up smiling at me.

I thought to myself, “Holy shit! This could have gone so fucking wrong and instead it turned into a win-win!”

Just about the only thing I wasn’t sure of was what to say to her now? I so badly wanted to ask her if we could do this more often or invite her over to my place, but then we heard her brother’s car door close outside.

Emily bounced up off the floor and grabbed my glass full of cum before bolting upstairs. Her bedroom door closed just before her brother came in through the front door.

“Hope my sis didn’t act stupid.” He said as he entered the room.

“No…” I dismissively said. “She never came downstairs.” I lied.

“Cool beans.” He replied as I wondered what in the fuck she was doing with my sperm. She knows she can’t put it anywhere near her vagina! Right? Right???

Emily 18 updates her site several times a week and she is the perfect catalyst for remembering the juicy details of past encounters like these. Not only that, she makes a great muse for your new fantasies as well!

For six years Emily18.com has been updating and if you think she looks young now, you should see the first two years in the members area!