Lil Emma


You are probably wondering, what kind of girl hangs around her house while her parents are away wearing nothing but a tank top, panties and her shoes and socks? The wrong kind!

Lil Emma is that kind of girl that is curious about all of the developments her new body is having. When her boobs began to grow she realized her nipples were more sensitive and began to stimulate them every chance she got. Not long after this she noticed her clit was begging for attention!

Before long Lil Emma was wondering how deep the rabbit hole went and she began to experiment with her hair brush, shampoo bottles and markers. She found that her clit really enjoyed her vibrating tooth brush. Masturbation became a drug and Lil Emma was hooked!

Like most addicts Lil Emma wasn’t content just to enjoy these new sensations on her own. She wanted to share them with others and help them explore these good feelings too. Pretty soon her sleepovers became more than just sleepovers!

Once Emma turned 18 years old she wanted to expand her audience and created to share herself with the world. With a Tiny Teen Pass you can share in Emma’s experiences and those of all of her friends like Lil Maya, Little Lupe, Little Summer, Chloe 18 and many more. Twenty-two sites in all!