My18Teens Videos


Growing up I was one of the lucky ones. Instead of having to pretend I didn’t masturbate and fear someone would find out, I had many a girlfriend that masturbated with me!

Now’a’days I am not so lucky. I found a wife that got everything right except for the masturbation part. Cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids… the whole thing… except for masturbation…

So what is a guy like me to do when I want to relive those masturbatory moments? I login to My18Teens and let the good times roll.

With daily updates the site is always fresh and the archives are so full of porn I still haven’t downloaded even 10% of it and I have been a member for months!

My 18 Teens is more than just masturbation videos. They also feature hardcore videos and when I say hardcore, I mean hardcore. These girls are from Eastern Europe and that means anything goes. Sometimes the sex gets so hardcore you almost feel sorry for them… Almost…

Grab a pass and see why My 18 Teens has well over 10,000 members coming back month after month!