Cute Cristina Panties Girl Next Door


There are three types of girls in the world. The first is the hot babes. Girls you don’t have a chance with. They are very rare. The second are the normal girls you do have a chance with, but don’t want to exercise your rights to her. And finally – third, the girl next door. Not as rare as a babe, but plenty worth spending some quality time with. And by quality I mean having sex.

Cute Cristina is one of those girl next door types. I had a girl that lived two doors down from me when I was growing up and she looked a lot like Cristina. For anonymous purposes I will just call her Cristina.

Cristina used to tease me all of the time by giving me peeks up her skirt. She wore cotton print panties with teddy bears or flowers. Her bras usually matched her panties too.

Sometimes we would be somewhere with our parents and she would wait until nobody else was watching and flash me her panties. Or if we were in a restaurant she would want me to meet her in that hallway area outside of the restrooms and she would pounce on me; slamming me against the wall so she could make out with me and stroke my cock through my pants.

Those times are long gone, but Cute Cristina makes for one heck of a stand in. Watch her play with her pussy and share some special times with her friends by taking her tour.

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