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Do you think these two girls know they are extremely hot? You bet your fucking ass they do! That’s why they are showing off their teenage bodies before old age sets in. Sorry, mom, sorry, dad, but your daughter isn’t wasting her final year of being a teenager with killer looks on turtleneck sweaters and long pants, mmmkay?

It is summertime and you should be at the river. For whatever reason you aren’t at the river, so it is time to bring the river to you with a membership to The Candid Board. Not only do you get daily updates of the hottest beach going babes from around the world, you also get upskirt videos, bikini videos, street candids, camel toe pics and vids, and a whole lot more!

The Candid Board started out as a online community where you had to upload your own unique stuff to get access to other peoples stuff. Then they decided to open it up to everyone for a small monthly fee. Now it is the largest community of its kind!

Check out more candid beach photos at The Candid Board!

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  1. Staring out my beach house window right now. Going to upload some more pics later tonight!

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