Jayda Brook


I have to admit, I have lived a pretty remarkable life thus far. From getting banged early to the quality of the girls doing the banging, I really can’t complain one bit!

The above photo of Jayda Brook reminds me off a bros sister I once had the pleasure of screwing. She was one of those girls that liked to wear the least amount of clothing she could get away with. My bro went with his mom to do some school shopping and I stayed back to finish my school work so we could all go to a baseball game later when his pops got home from work. In reality, I just wanted some alone time to check out his sister.

Once the garage door closed and I heard his mom’s turbo charger kick in, I headed up stares to see what his sis was wearing… Or not wearing!

When I got to the top step I crept over to her bedroom door. It was barely open and I could scan her room through the sliver between the door jamb and the inside of the door.

There she was, facing away from me on her bed. Her satin panties had ridden up a bit into her buns. The sight of her soft skin and soft blue panties made my cock so hard I thought it might alert her to my presence by tapping the wall in front of me!

As if this visual display of beauty wasn’t enough, she reached down to itch herself and now her panties weren’t only up her ass crack, they were up her pussy crack as well! Right them and there I pulled my hardon out and began to stroke it.

After a while I closed my eyes imagining myself ramming my cock home while grabbing tight on that fleshy ass of hers. Bad idea. I instantly opened them back up when I heard the ruffling of her bed sheets. She must have heard the wet sounds jacking off makes when your pre-cum is gushing.

I didn’t know what to expect next and was fully prepared to ask for leniency. Jayda Brook just called me a perv and closed her door. There I was in the hallway with my dick in my hand already wondering if I should go to the bathroom to finish. The next thing I know her door opens back up and she is handing me her satin panties while wearing nothing at all.

“Getting a good look?” She asked.

All I could do was nod yes while burning a mental picture for later retrieval of her bare pussy.

“Good!” And she slammed the door.

It didn’t take me long to figure out what I was supposed to do with her panties… But what was I supposed to do with them after leaving a “sample” in them? I figured the bathroom hamper would be best and I left them in there. As I passed her door on the way back downstairs I contemplated knocking on her door, then figured I’d better leave it alone for now.

Once I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard Jayda exit her room and retrieve her panties and then close and lock her door. What she was doing with my semen at that point was beyond me. I’d hoped she was masturbating about it and I rubbed another one put in the downstairs bathroom.

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