Poolside With Paulina 18


The mean girls were never going to let Paulina 18 into their group. She was never going to be a cheerleader or a home-coming queen. That didn’t bother Paulina though. She had some tricks up her sleeve. Or rather, underneath her bikini top.

Not having big boobs can be quite a challenge in high school. Even though Paulina was old even to fuck legally, just barely, having small boobs didn’t make her stand out. So she decided to improvise.

Now when Paulina wants to get a boys attention she just flashes him her little titties. This barely legal teen might have mosquito bites for tits, but they were plenty enough to garner a second, and sometimes a third, glance at them. Paulina would gesture for them to meet her underneath the bleachers and then it was game on!

As time went by she found that her teachers actually preferred her itty bitty titties to the mean girls pleasure sacks. She was the one getting the A’s and leaving the teachers so satisfied they didn’t even entertain the cheerleaders anymore. Spots on the squad opened up when the girls couldn’t hold down their grades. Now it seems even the female cheerleading coach has taken a liking to Paulina 18 as she is now a part of the squad!

I guess the impossible is possible when you are a little cutie!