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A few friends of mine and I got together at our local watering hole and the topic of web cam girls came up. One of my friends was telling me that the biggest problem with them is that they are all dogs. Ugly chicks with no hope of getting married whoring themselves on web cams for money.

I was flabbergasted. What web cam sites was this guy fre-quenting? I go to a place called Cam Jog and while there are plenty of dogs, I don’t think anybody in their right mind would refer to PrettyGirl000 as a dog!

After several more of my friends chimed in about finding the same problems with the cam sites they were not enjoying I whipped out my cell phone and loaded up

Right away they were tripping on how cute the girls were. When there were dogs they basically said those girls looked like the hottest girls from their own sites. I just laughed.

If you don’t like looking at ugly girls I suggest you ask for more from your web cam solution. Pretty Girl Triple-Zero is just as hot down below as she appears in her photo above. She has nice perky boobs. She has a shaved pussy that look nubile. I only wish I had found her two years ago when she was a barely legal cam girl!