Tammy Tate


Another teen in the shower?

No, this one is a coed.

Her name is Tammy Tate and she has a huge set of tits with some nipples capable of erasing 100+ lines of single spaced text!

Tammy’s site is all about teasing. If you are into being teased this is the site for you. If you prefer seeing pussy without a very thin vale of panties covering them or want to see the model have sex with someone (or even just with herself) Tammy Tate won’t work for you!

However, if you enjoy watching a girl rub oil into her feet or sit in provocative positions while wearing only panties this site is right up your alley. How about Tammy licking her own toes?

Tammy Tate has plenty of “Cleft of Venus” shots with panties on. That is another name for camel toe when the girl has a virgin looking pussy. In other words, when she has a cleft instead of a pastrami sandwich.

This girl has a great pussy when you view it from underneath a pair of see through panties. Her tits couldn’t be better for a model with big tits and like I said, her nipples have their own unique character. I just wish they would have paired Tammy Tate with some of the other girls in the program because at $34.95 a month it is a lot for no pussy shots.

The navigation is easy. Everything is broken down into months so you can span the ages of time and see what she looks like now versus what she looked like a year ago. Not a whole lot has changed except maybe her tits got even bigger and springier.

If you like to be teased, Tammy Tate will leave you wanting more. If you are reading this review months after I have written it, they may have taken my advice and paired her with more girls. Check the tour and see for yourself!