Tiny Tabby What Is My Sister Up To?


Most guys won’t cop to it, but the majority of us had a thing for our sisters at some point when we were younger. My sister was a very petite girl even when she was a senior in high school. Her tits were so small my friend used to call her Kansas!

I wouldn’t say I had a huge hardon for my sister so much as I did for her friends. One day while I was doing my home work I heard some giggling in her room and then I heard some moaning. To be honest it sounded like someone having sex!

With my interest peaked I headed down the hall to her door and found it locked. Our bedroom windows were on a side of the house where our neighbors couldn’t see them so I headed outside to see if I could peek inside hers.

Thankfully she hadn’t closed her blinds all the way and I could see very clearly what was going on in the room.


My sister was tonguing her friends pussy and her friend appeared to be in heaven enjoying it. I remember thinking, wow. I didn’t know my sister was a lesbian! She always seemed so interested in boys. Even my friends at times. Later I would come to realize she was bisexual.


I had seen girls lick pussies in the movies, but this was different. This was real. My sister and her friend were giving me the ultimate show!



Eventually my sister would let me sit in the room and jackoff while she and her friends had lesbian sex. Occasionally one of her friends would want to fuck me and who was I to say no?

My sister and I never touched each other, but I can’t say I didn’t want to. These days I am kind of glad she didn’t let that happen!

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