How To Find The Best Porn In Your Favorite Niche

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My favorite niche has to be next door girls taking naked selfies of themselves. There is something natural about a girl exposing herself and trusting her boyfriend to keep things under wraps. Obviously that never happens. No – not that the girls don’t make the nude selfies, they do that all day and night, but that the guys keep them private. If they did we wouldn’t have a torrent of them on the internet. But with so many sites catering to all kinds of things how do you make sense of it all?

Again, we go to one of my personal favorites. It is a free porn site list with everything categorized. You can find babe sites that are in the top of their categories, you can find amateur sites with true amateur sluts, and they have lots of hardcore.

Using this site is a lot better than just searching Google because he prunes the lists and keeps things fresh with new updates. Bookmark it and you will never run out of porn!



Are you fucking kidding me? Check out the puffies on this young hottie from MPL Studios! I once dated a girl with nice puffy nipples like these in high school. They were super sensitive and she could cum just by having them sucked on while she rubbed her legs together for a slight hint of sensation on her clit to put her over the edge!

Believe it or not she used to hate her nipples because they made her different than the other girls. Eventually I was able to convince her that the other girls were just jealous and that the boys were having a hard time not getting hard just thinking about them!


Girls with big tits can have puffies too. They aren’t as prominent most of the time because they are spread over a wider area. Girls with puffies make great fuck partners because they are usually self-conscious about them so they will do anything to feel welcomed.


When I find a girl with puffy nipples at the pool or on a beach somewhere I make sure to change their minds about their puffy nipples. I educate them. After I am done they proudly show off their nipples by wearing regular bras that let them show through again!

Both MET-Art and MPL Studios have teen girls with puffies. Each has thousands of girls and both have exclusive girls you won’t find anywhere else. I think it is time for a double up, don’t you?

8Teenies Pass – Puffy Nipples


Life is long, but good times are far and few between. Some of my favorite times have been spent exploring. I enjoy exploring new multi-model teen sites like 8Teenies and Flexi 18.

With an 8Teenies Pass you can explore for weeks and never get bored because with an 8Teenies Pass you get several solo sites and multi-model sites for one low price!

Hundreds of girls and thousands of videos await you. I like puffy nipples and they have plenty of them. They also have small tits, big tits, curvy bottoms, tiny hinies and everything in between. Get your explorer cap because you have lots of ground to cover!

Cierra Spice


I wouldn’t say that I have a thing for Latin girls… I would say that I have a thing for any girl with a good figure, cute face and pert tits. Cierra Spice has all of the above and even more down below!

Cierra Spice has puffy nipples you don’t find on many girls no matter what their nationality is. Some say that you can make a puffy nipples girl cum just by sucking on her oversized nips. I believe this to be true because I have accomplished it before!

Finding a girl like Cierra spice in the wild is like one in a million. Finding her on the net is like heaven on Earth. Mainly because she isn’t the only thing you get with a Cierra Spice password. She has plenty of friends and family in the Spice network like Gigi Spice and Pamela Spice.

If you are going to give a girl your admiration tonight, you might as well make it a girl that can spice up your night!

Selina 18 – Small Tits


I am a sucker for these small tits girls that look just like jailbait. While Selina 18 might look too young to give consent legally, be rest assured she is indeed barely legal.

Along with her puffy face she has sexy puffy nipples and a divine puffy pussy. She actually goes all the way in her videos and picture sets so you get to see exactly what that puffy pussy would look like wrapped around your hard cock!

Selina 18 goes both ways and has lots of barely legal friends she has sex with. She also masturbates more often then a teenage boy does. No wonder she made a porn site!

Grab a Tiny Teen Pass and you can watch Selina 18 and all of her jailbait looking friends like Little Lupe, Teen Topanga, /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree and more!

Emily 18 – Masturbating

Hey now… Can’t a girl get a little bit of privacy when she is diddling herself? Not when that girl’s name is Emily 18! In fact, she wants you to not only watch her while she is masturbating, she wants you to join in and cum at the same time!

Emily18 has been helping her fans cum for four years now. Just about the only thing that has changed since the beginning is the quality of the web site. It just keeps getting better and better!

In the beginning the focus was on pictures. High resolution pics and not a whole lot video wise. Emily 18 used her youthful appearance to tease her fans. She made things bright and fun. Anyone who was a member back then will tell you she was a little angel!

Now the focus is on videos. High resolution videos. But, if you are a pics fan, don’t worry. She still updates with plenty of pics of her puffy nipples and small tits.

Emily loves prancing around in her underwear. She is still such a daddies girl and she still wears the same bright colors she has always loved. Grab a pass and see why Emily has so many loyal fans!