When A Girl Offers A Donation For Your Spank Bank Be Appreciative!

dream of katie shows off her white cotton panties and a hint of camel toe

They say that you should never lick a gift horse in a mouth. By lick they don’t mean trading spit with a horse. That would be sick and disgusting. No, they are referring to punching a gift horse in the mouth. When you have a girl offering to add to your spank bank, give her thanks. That has been my motto for decades and it still works to this day.

Back when I was in high school I was very appreciative of the girls that would flash me their private parts. I had more than my fair share of girls willing to do this for me. They did it knowing I was going to spank my meat thinking about them for years. Never once did I make a girl feel dirty about it and never once did I spill the beans. Even if I took some very revealing pictures of a girl in college I didn’t share them. Build up a reputation for NOT kissing and telling and you will do a lot more kissing than telling.

In today’s society it seems everybody is kissing and telling. Guys get dumped and immediately upload their naughty ex-girlfriend pics to sites like Watch My GF. While it is great for the rest of us it pretty much seals the deal on them never creating that kind of content again.

Just the other day one of my daughter’s friends was over and she has had a thing for me for many years. She is old enough to drink legally now so when she lingered in the kitchen with me long enough for me to realize she had something on her mind I asked her what was up.

To my utter surprise she lifted up her skirt showing me her soft cotton panties with a slight camel toe creased into her cleft. I shot her a beaming smile and joked that those were “down” and that I had asked, what was “up”. So she flashed me her tits. So fucking perky!

I told her to go masturbate in the bathroom with her panties on and then leave them on top of the towels in the cupboard. Without any hesitation she left and returned five minutes later to flash me her bald beaver this time. It was glistening with her wetness.

My cock couldn’t handle it anymore. It grew into a fat sausage in no time. She wanted to see it, but there was no way. Not then anyway. I told her good things come to those who wait. Then I flipped her around and pressed it into her ass cheeks. She tried rubbing up on me, but I slapped her ass and told her to get the lettuce out of the fridge instead.

Just then my wife entered the kitchen and I hid my hardon up against the counter as she chatted about the guests we had coming later. My daughter’s friend retrieved my head of lettuce and left the kitchen. After making my salad I did too. There was a pair of wet panties waiting for me in the bathroom!

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Bailey Knox Pussy


Do you think you have what it takes to put a smile on Bailey’s face? Lots of people often wonder aloud in my comments section about whether or not Bailey Knox gets naked on her web site or not. I think these pictures can spell it out for you!

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Just in case you have forgotten where your cock goes Bailey Knox drew up a diagram to help you hit the sweet spot.


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It is almost too much for one guys to handle, but somehow I think you will manage just fine.

Diddylicious Licking Pussy


Okay… How many times have you done this with a porno mag? Probably not any time in the past couple of years, but you know good and well you did it at some point in time!

This picture of Diddylicious licking pussy in a porno mag reminds me of a time when I caught my girlfriend masturbating to one of my porno magazines!

I had been dating her for six months. At the time it was my longest relationship and everybody expected us to get married. We were pretty close so perhaps that is why she felt comfort-able enough to pleasure herself to one of my magazines while I was in the shower.

When I came out of the shower I walked into my room and there she was with her hand inside her panties rubbing her clit. She was looking at my Club International magazine so I figured when I got over to the bed I’d see the pages opened to some guy fucking a big tits babe. To my surprise it was opened to two girls locked in the sixty-nine position!

Previously I had suspected she was bisexual because of things she would say or how she would react, or not react, to lesbians in movies. This opened up a whole new chapter in our relationship.

One of our mutual friends seemed to have a thing for her and, not to toot my own horn but, she seemed to have a crush on me as well. I invited her over and served some beers by the pool.

Once we got our buzz on. My girlfriend suggested we all go skinny dipping. The other girl seemed very receptive to the idea and we all peeled off our clothes before hastily jumping in. Then my girlfriend suggested we play some truth or dare.

After several G and PG rated questions the game went straight to rated R and then rated X. Soon the dares were something like I dare you to lick her pussy for thirty seconds and the questions hit on subjects like have you ever masturbated to the idea of fucking me while licking her pussy?

It was one of the best times I have ever had in my life!

Those days have come and gone so now I go to Diddylicious for a recharge of the batteries. She is very kinky if you couldn’t tell by the picture. I am sure Diddy will rekindle your favorite memories from years past as well!

Chloe 18 Rubbing Her Pussy

Have you ever noticed that skinny girls don’t have to do much to look good. Chloe 18 has a sexy petite body and a killer tan. Put them together and you have tons of jackoff material!

Now add in her retainer, her ponytail and her cute little bum and you have enough jackoff material to satisfy an entire city of men for years!

Chloe 18 reminds me of a good friend’s little sister. She had a tight little body too. While we were all a bit older than she was, his sister was chloe-18/5737/teen.htm”>barely legal, and she had a huge crush on me.

For about a year I noticed she seemed to want to pose for me wearing next to nothing. If I was in the backyard with the guys she would do something to get my attention and then pose for me wearing her bra and panties. I took a lot of baseballs, soccer balls, Frisbees and more to the head because of it!


One day when I went into his backyard and sat by the pool waiting for him to get home. While there I heard some soft moaning coming from a downstairs window. Wondering what it was I headed on over for a peak and there was his cute little sister with her hand in her panties!

She had some sort of book lying on the ground next to her and she was really going to town on her clit. Lucky for me their backyard was fully enclosed from on lookers so I whipped my cock out and shot my load all over the wall below the window.

It was the first time I ever came at the same time as a girl. Well sort of since we weren’t actually having sex and she didn’t know I was there.

Later on when my buddy got there I headed into the room she was in to see if I could find the book. Turns out it was some soft of scrapbook her mom had put together and the page she was on was basically devoted to me!

It had me swimming and lying by the pool. Playing flag football with my shirt off… etc… His little sister was masturbating to my pictures like they were some kind of porn. Hey, who am I to judge? I masturbating to clothing catalogs!

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Barely Legal Teen – Little April


This barely legal teen fuck-box is Little April. She was the original barely legal solo model. It is because of her that you will now find entire networks like Tiny Teen Pass that are built around her jailbait looks!

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Jayda Brook


I have to admit, I have lived a pretty remarkable life thus far. From getting banged early to the quality of the girls doing the banging, I really can’t complain one bit!

The above photo of Jayda Brook reminds me off a bros sister I once had the pleasure of screwing. She was one of those girls that liked to wear the least amount of clothing she could get away with. My bro went with his mom to do some school shopping and I stayed back to finish my school work so we could all go to a baseball game later when his pops got home from work. In reality, I just wanted some alone time to check out his sister.

Once the garage door closed and I heard his mom’s turbo charger kick in, I headed up stares to see what his sis was wearing… Or not wearing!

When I got to the top step I crept over to her bedroom door. It was barely open and I could scan her room through the sliver between the door jamb and the inside of the door.

There she was, facing away from me on her bed. Her satin panties had ridden up a bit into her buns. The sight of her soft skin and soft blue panties made my cock so hard I thought it might alert her to my presence by tapping the wall in front of me!

As if this visual display of beauty wasn’t enough, she reached down to itch herself and now her panties weren’t only up her ass crack, they were up her pussy crack as well! Right them and there I pulled my hardon out and began to stroke it.

After a while I closed my eyes imagining myself ramming my cock home while grabbing tight on that fleshy ass of hers. Bad idea. I instantly opened them back up when I heard the ruffling of her bed sheets. She must have heard the wet sounds jacking off makes when your pre-cum is gushing.

I didn’t know what to expect next and was fully prepared to ask for leniency. Jayda Brook just called me a perv and closed her door. There I was in the hallway with my dick in my hand already wondering if I should go to the bathroom to finish. The next thing I know her door opens back up and she is handing me her satin panties while wearing nothing at all.

“Getting a good look?” She asked.

All I could do was nod yes while burning a mental picture for later retrieval of her bare pussy.

“Good!” And she slammed the door.

It didn’t take me long to figure out what I was supposed to do with her panties… But what was I supposed to do with them after leaving a “sample” in them? I figured the bathroom hamper would be best and I left them in there. As I passed her door on the way back downstairs I contemplated knocking on her door, then figured I’d better leave it alone for now.

Once I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard Jayda exit her room and retrieve her panties and then close and lock her door. What she was doing with my semen at that point was beyond me. I’d hoped she was masturbating about it and I rubbed another one put in the downstairs bathroom.

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Aston Richards


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Cute Cristina


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Claudia Nichols


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Gigi Spice

Do you remember the first time you fed your hard cock to a young nubile teen? I do and she looked remarkably a lot like Gigi Spice above.

They both had pert small tits and a nice tight body. My Gigi Spice loved the summertime. I loved her tan lines from her teeny weenie bikini! This Gigi shaves her pussy 100% bare, but mine left a landing strip.

I got my first blowjob after some friends all got together and had a pool party. We all didn’t have bathing suits because the party wasn’t supposed to be at the pool originally so we all jumped in wearing our skivvies.

My Gigi Spice wore a white bra and panties and neither of them did a good job covering up once they got wet. The trippy thing is that she didn’t seem to mind at all. With her shave job it was like looking at her naked beaver. A heavenly site to be seen.

Eventually we ended up inside the house and we both had on towels and not much else. I pointed at her and she leaned forward and started sucking on my finger. My dick shot up so fast I couldn’t hide it!

We headed off to the master bedroom and she helped me lose that hardon real quick. There is something about the slow rhythmic movements of a teenager like Gigi sucking on your cock that make all of life’s troubles go away. I was just getting over a girl that had dumped me and now she was the last thing on my mind.

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