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Abby Winters Sally

Abby Winters doesn’t have the hottest girls in the world, but they do have some very cute ones that are much like the girls next door that you used to bang back in your school days. Abby searches long and far across the Australian continent and local islands. Occasionally they even have girls from the UK and USA shooting for them that are on vacation or studying abroad. I can only imagine the conversations with their families during the holidays.

"So, sis, how was school in Australia?"

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All too often in the porn world you find places that have unrealistic teen sex videos. That kind of stuff doesn’t fly at They have hot teen sex videos of girls getting it on. The video above reminds me of a real life experience I had where I caught my sister having sex with one of her well endowed friends. It was then that I realized flat-chested girls like my sister also had a thing for babes with big tits.

My friends would always tell me that my sister was a looker. They all wanted to fuck her so bad I started wondering about fucking her brains out. But this friend of hers made her look like trash to be tossed to the side. She had a body on her that you wouldn’t believe.

First my sister and her friend started out rubbing each other down with oil. They didn’t know I had come home and was taking a nap while they were outside so they still thought they were alone. Little did they know I was spying on them from the hallway into the living room. As I watched they got more daring with their hands until they both got so worked up that they locked into an embrace and began to kiss passionately. Just like in the video.

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girls taking turns fisting each other

This collection of fisting videos at should be outlawed. Actually, it probably is outlawed in a few southern states. It should be banned not because of its content. Hey, if hot girls with bald pussies want to fist each other, go right ahead! This fisting porn video needs to be banned because of the lost productivity in the workforce due to the extremely entertaining nature of its content.

It is a good thing we have the first amendment and it protects our right to free speech and to freely watch and observe cute girls doing nasty things to one another. Imagine if Romney had won the white house. We’d all be wearing magic chastity undergarments and stuff like this would be a jailable offence!

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wet dreams in HD

When you watch the videos on HD Teens it feels like having a wet dream in HD. The girls are a mixture of girl next door and hot girl next door. The things they wear will remind you of your sister’s sleepovers. The things they do will remind you of just how much you miss your teenage years. is like a time capsule you can return to any time you have an urge to see hot teen sex!

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These two girls are the definition of nasty teens. They don’t give a fuck what anybody else thinks about their bisexual ways or their addiction to feet. Watch them suck each others toes off before they give a point of view foot job to the lucky cameraman.

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Hot Teens Stripping At The Beach

When you are a girl and you are super hot the rules no longer apply to you. If these were three ugly chicks pulling each other’s bathing suits off and stripping at the beach the cops would be called. In this case the lifeguards are all too busy enjoying the show to remember to pick up the phone.

It just goes to show you that hot chicks stripping off each other’s bathing suits off at the beach is par for the course when human decency is pushed to the side by testosterone.

The girl in the middle of this beach bathing suit debacle is Raven Riley. She is a sexy solo model with a need to have the world see her naked. I know. My kind of girl right?

Just imagine paying all of that money for a beach front condo and you get to see this kind of show. it makes it all worth it if you ask me.

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Growing up you don’t notice things even when they are right in front of you. Take my sister and her friends taking showers together for instance. It never occurred to me that some hanky-panky might be going on while they were in there. All of those giggles. What sounded like sea animals as they rubbed on the side of the tub. The occasional moan. Now I wish I had put a spy cam in there!

Those days are long gone. But that doesn’t mean I have to cry over spilled, or un-spilled, milk. I can enjoy watching Chloe 18 and all of her kinky friends while they take naughty showers together. Seeing two hot teens in an embrace with their small tits touching never gets old.

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Have you ever wondered how the girls you dated back in high school that supposedly never dated a boy before you, knew how to kiss, and seemed rather ahead of the curve when it came to sex? Wonder no more. The girls of Abby Winters are going to show you where they got their moves. From each other!

Most boys masturbate. More girls do to. Boys tend to masturbate more often then girls and more boys then girls masturbate at some point before the age of twenty. I am not sure why there is such a disparity in the numbers, but I do have a theory. Would you like to hear it? Too bad. You are going to anyway.


I have noticed that girls experiment with each other much more often then boys do. Boys think of sex in such a finite way. If you have sex with another boy you MUST be gay. Girls don’t see it that way. To them having sex with another partner of the same sex is just an extension of the love you feel for that person.

Since girls are having sex with each other they don’t feel the urge to masturbate as much as guys do. Some even bypass masturbation altogether and just have sex with other girls when there are no boys around. Of course they don’t call it having sex. They call it sharing oneself wholly.



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Okay… How many times have you done this with a porno mag? Probably not any time in the past couple of years, but you know good and well you did it at some point in time!

This picture of Diddylicious licking pussy in a porno mag reminds me of a time when I caught my girlfriend masturbating to one of my porno magazines!

I had been dating her for six months. At the time it was my longest relationship and everybody expected us to get married. We were pretty close so perhaps that is why she felt comfort-able enough to pleasure herself to one of my magazines while I was in the shower.

When I came out of the shower I walked into my room and there she was with her hand inside her panties rubbing her clit. She was looking at my Club International magazine so I figured when I got over to the bed I’d see the pages opened to some guy fucking a big tits babe. To my surprise it was opened to two girls locked in the sixty-nine position!

Previously I had suspected she was bisexual because of things she would say or how she would react, or not react, to lesbians in movies. This opened up a whole new chapter in our relationship.

One of our mutual friends seemed to have a thing for her and, not to toot my own horn but, she seemed to have a crush on me as well. I invited her over and served some beers by the pool.

Once we got our buzz on. My girlfriend suggested we all go skinny dipping. The other girl seemed very receptive to the idea and we all peeled off our clothes before hastily jumping in. Then my girlfriend suggested we play some truth or dare.

After several G and PG rated questions the game went straight to rated R and then rated X. Soon the dares were something like I dare you to lick her pussy for thirty seconds and the questions hit on subjects like have you ever masturbated to the idea of fucking me while licking her pussy?

It was one of the best times I have ever had in my life!

Those days have come and gone so now I go to Diddylicious for a recharge of the batteries. She is very kinky if you couldn’t tell by the picture. I am sure Diddy will rekindle your favorite memories from years past as well!

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Most guys won’t cop to it, but the majority of us had a thing for our sisters at some point when we were younger. My sister was a very petite girl even when she was a senior in high school. Her tits were so small my friend used to call her Kansas!

I wouldn’t say I had a huge hardon for my sister so much as I did for her friends. One day while I was doing my home work I heard some giggling in her room and then I heard some moaning. To be honest it sounded like someone having sex!

With my interest peaked I headed down the hall to her door and found it locked. Our bedroom windows were on a side of the house where our neighbors couldn’t see them so I headed outside to see if I could peek inside hers.

Thankfully she hadn’t closed her blinds all the way and I could see very clearly what was going on in the room.


My sister was tonguing her friends pussy and her friend appeared to be in heaven enjoying it. I remember thinking, wow. I didn’t know my sister was a lesbian! She always seemed so interested in boys. Even my friends at times. Later I would come to realize she was bisexual.


I had seen girls lick pussies in the movies, but this was different. This was real. My sister and her friend were giving me the ultimate show!



Eventually my sister would let me sit in the room and jackoff while she and her friends had lesbian sex. Occasionally one of her friends would want to fuck me and who was I to say no?

My sister and I never touched each other, but I can’t say I didn’t want to. These days I am kind of glad she didn’t let that happen!

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It always amazes me how crazy girls get when fingering each others pussies. I mean, when we are playing down there they act like their vagina is made out of gold leaf paper. Don’t rub so hard. Cut your finger nails…

Then they get with each other for an all out lez-fest and suddenly nail extensions two inches long don’t hurt. They jam and cram their fingers up inside each other like jack-hammers!

Is there something I am missing here? Some finesse I am not catching on to?

Who fucking knows?!?!

Just get on over to Sapphic Erotica and enjoy the show I guess!