Amateur Upskirts – Celina Cross


Tired of upskirt sites that don’t deliver the goods? Amateur Upskirts is all about quality and technique. They deliver when others can’t. They practically own the niche!

Amateur Upskirts is ten years old. When they came on the scene the Internet was in its infancy. While everyone else was trying to find themselves Amateur Upskirts was carving out a niche.

To make itself unique Amateur Upskirts focuses on the point of view approach. Using this technique makes you feel like each girl is dancing just for you. I don’t know about you, but Celina Cross above brings back nothing but good memories.

All of the girls model several different styles and colors of panties. They have cotton print panties, silk and satin panties, lace panties, sheer panties, thongs panties and more. In every color of the rainbow and then some.

Each model is unique. I have several favorites at Amateur Upskirts. Sometimes a model that isn’t a favorite is wearing a particular set of panties and is in a certain setting that brings back a memory I am fond of. In those instances she becomes a girl from my past, if only for a moment. I am sure you will have similar experiences at!

With over a decade of updates in the members area waiting for you Amateur Upskirts is one teen panty site you should treat yourself to for the Holidays!