Only Opaques

Guys this little number is Sophia Smith and she is going to be staying with us for a while. All the way until Halloween to be exact. She is going to be sleeping in your bed. We told her you wouldn’t mind. You don’t mind do you?

Welcome to the naughty world of Only Opaques. A web site solely devoted to the opaque nylon and pantyhose fetish. This web site has more secretaries and interns waiting to tease the President than any temp agency could produce in the world… and today you are the Commander in Chief!

So fire up your fantasy engine and get out your credit card (or checkbook) because these girls don’t like to be kept waiting.

Each girl at Only Opaques has several picture sets and most have a video or two… or three.. or six. At only Only Opaques you are treated to a new hottie wearing nylons on a daily basis. With that update schedule and a few years under their belt you have a lot of catching up to do.

The quality of the photography and the women at Only Opaques borders on being of artistic quality. Even if it is porn. Sweet because my cock was getting tired of grainy footage and washed out pics.

At you get more than just opaque nylons. You also get access to their other sites like Only Tease and Only Secretaries. With so many teasing women in my fantasies I have a hard time keeping my hands to myself at the office. Of course in my line of work I don’t have to.

Sweet Adri – Party Girl

When you are at a party and things are winding down there is nothing better than seeing a girl like Sweet Adri smiling at you with a beer in her hand. Just like a guy in the same situation, Sweet Adri has found herself buzzed with beer goggles on.

Now that we have addressed what she is wearing lets focus on what she isn’t wearing. In particular we will focus on her lack of panties. Oops! Where oh where did she forget those? No worries. She won’t need them where she is going!

Sweet Adri is like a perfect little elfin nymph. Her body is thin and athletic with long legs and a firm butt. Her boobs are small and pert. Had she not went into porn she could have easily been the next Cover Girl.

But she did go into porn. Now we have here right where we want her. Updating several times a week and doing live cam shows. Adri masturbates and goes girl-girl. If that isn’t enough don’t worry, Adri has you covered. You password will also work at her friends sites and one of them goes hardcore with guys!

Three hot babes on three different sites and one password to access all of them… About time porn realized we need some relief from these high gas prices!

Emily 18

This gallery of Emily 18 reminds me of a girl I used to date that lived with her mom. No dad in the picture. She loved getting attention and she had some pretty hot ways of getting attention from me.

Her mom used to get wasted drunk and pass out on the couch. This is why I loved going over to her house. We were alone for the entire night after that.

One night while I was there she told me to wait in her room and she would be back. After about five minutes she returned wearing some of her moms lingerie. I had never seen a girl in lingerie in person before and my dick instantly got hard. She saw it pushing on my pants and giggled.

Emily 18 had me lean up against the headboard on her bed with my legs lying outstretched before me. She then grabbed her fishnet top and pulled the fabric over her small tits until her nipples both found a hole to peek out through. Once she got them out she leaned forward and alternated putting them into my mouth.

Having that fishnet there was so erotic for some reason. Even better then just sucking on her puffy nipples like I usually did. Trying to get one of them through the hole far enough to hold in my mouth was like a game.

I could feel the pussy heat of Emily18 while she sat on my hips. Her pussy practically burned a whole through her mom’s black panties. Did her mom ever look as hot as her daughter does now?

Emily 18 reached down and unzipped my pants and got my pre-cum covered cock out. She was as surprised by all of my wetness as I was. She started jerking my cock and moaning as I licked her nipples. It became obvious that she was just as turned on as me when she pulled her panty crotch over and my dick came in contact with her pussy lips.

She was so fucking hot that my dick just slid right in her pussy crack. Sometimes she would have to wiggle this way and that to get it in but, not this time. I think she liked wearing her mom’s lingerie as much as I liked seeing her in it!

Fantasizing about those times is so easy with Emily 18. Her looks are timeless. Her butt is just about the only thing not petite on her and even then it isn’t really big. Just really cheeky. Emily’s small tits are capped with puffy pink nipples. Looking at her lying on the bed is like looking at a compacted sexual energy just waiting to explode! updates with 3 times a week. Since the beginning of the year all of the new stuff has been in ultra high definition. You can chat with Emily 18 on her own private message board.

There is no better muse for barely legal fantasies than Emily 18!

Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye
It is refreshing to know you are not the only one in front of a computer looking at porn. Brooke Skye might have blue eyes, long legs, pert tits and work as an Internet model but she needs to release the steam just like anyone else.

A friend of mine who is not in the industry once commented that Internet models shouldn’t need sex since they have it so much updating their web sites. What a douche. The whole point of why she is banging herself on the Internet is that she can’t get enough…. ever!

Brooke Skye is that girl from band camp that fucked her flute and just about every kid on the bus. Yeah, she is no Raven Riley. Brooke is the girl that puts out on the first date and gets pissed and offended when you decline (I mean, if you are gay or something)…

The real nice thing about Brooke Skye is that she doesn’t cheat on you. She bangs chicks and hell, there is nothing wrong with that. Shit, she might even let you bang her friends too!

The videos at Brooke Skye are shot in ultra high definition. Even the sample movies on her web site are clear as can be. Along with clear videos you get clear pics.

Brooke Skye has been on the Internet now for three years. She updates multiple times a week and that means you have over 150 weeks worth of reasons to join. Along with her pics and videos you also get her live web cams.

So why aren’t you a member yet?

Aaliyah Love

Well ain’t she just the most precious thing you ever saw? This tushy flashing cuties name is Aaliyah Love. Try typing that out ten times fast!

She isn’t 18 and for that matter she isn’t even a teen at all. Aaliyah Love is 22 years old and fuck an aye am I happy she didn’t lie about her age. I am getting sick and tired of college graduates trying to play themselves off as eighteen year old girls. Aaliyah is a fresh move in the right direction.

Proof positive that college coeds can look just as cute and alluring as their high school senior counterparts, Aaliyah Love also has maturity on her side. I have dated eighteen and nineteen year olds chicks. Fun time in bed, waste of time for conversation. Tip: Don’t bring an eighteen year old to your poker game, she will lose all of your money.

Aaliyah Love got her start on the Internet four years ago as a web cam model. She still does webcams but now it is for her members. As a member of you get a free two hour web cam show with this young beauty.

Along with webcams you get weekly updates of pictures and videos. Aaliyah enjoys bringing her girlfriends to her shoots and on occasion she gets them to pose with her. Some even have sex with her. Why jerk off to one college coed when you can have two?

Used to getting suggestions from her cam customers, Aaliyah Love encourages her members to use the message board to interact with her and give her ideas for new updates. Oh, and of course you can tell her what a good job she is doing. Who knows, maybe she will send you some of her panties?