Beach Model Micro Bikinis

Beach Model Leigh

Hot chicks, boobs, both large and small, bikinis, thongs, tiny thongs, micro-mini thongs, tan skin, tan lines… It’s like your own personal heaven!

According to Islam if a Muslim dies fighting for God they get a shitload of virgins… why wait? Beach Model has a ton of hot babes wearing micro bikinis waiting for you right now!

With two to three updates a week there are over 460 bikini videos and over 16,000 photos in their archives. This web site is for the true microkini fan. There are tons of babes wearing wicked weasel micros as well as bikinis from other manufacturers.

BeachModel is not a nonnude site. These girls get naked. They show their puffy, shaved pussy lips. The girls have a mix of big tits and small tits and in between sizes too. Every nationality is represented. Shapes range from petite blonde models to thick and chunky latina babes you can sink your fingers into.

You can enjoy these beauties for only $23.95 a month. That really isn’t much considering you probably already spend that on bikini calendars or porno mags. Plus you can download the videos and load them on your IPOD or PSP and watch them anywhere!

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Emily 18 Barely Legal Model

Emily 18

I have been a loyal member of now for almost two years. During that time she has remained amazingly youthful looking. I bet she gets carded just for going out when the street lights are on. Cops probably pull her over during school time thinking she is either ditching or too young to driveor both!

But rest assured Emily 18 is legal. Barely legal. Her small tits are showing no signs of settling down. Her ass is only getting better and better; rounder and more spankable than ever!

Emily updates her site three times a week. She also chats regularly on her message board with the members. Unlike most internet models she is not stuck up in any way. Very flirtacious and spunky. An attitude that really goes well with her looks.

Apparently she just moved into a new apartment with three other girls. There are plans in the works to setup a webcam so she can share her most intimate moments with her fans.

The photography at Emily18 is amazing. Good lighting and great settings. She often does shoots at the lake so you get to see her body in bathing suits. Even when she isn’t outside she takes care of her members by wearing skimpy panties and bras. You’d think this girl prefers to be in her under-clothes 24/7!

No matter if you are looking for a good looking barely legal model, have a panty fetish or just enjoy beauty, you need a pass to Emily 18. At $24.95 a month it is worth every penny!

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Callista Model – Panty Shots

Callista Model

I must have been living under a rock for the last three years because I don’t remember ever laying my eyes on this ass before. That fine, panty covered ass belongs to Callista Model. My new fantasy friend.

If you are anything like me then you enjoy a good panty shot now and then. Watching those cotton panties go tight up her ass is amazing. And the way they cling to her pussy, I can only imagine how moist and hot it must be. It brings you back to the days of your youth when catching shots like these were the only sexual stimulation outside of a JC Penny catalog.

With so much time on the net logged, has over 40,000 photos in just under 500 sets. I have been bouncing around the members area for three hours now and I feel like I have only just begun.

I am a busy man and the porn industry has me traveling a lot going from convention to convention or flying into some far flung city to do a deal or two. I don’t have a lot of time to waste and apparently Callista is psychic because she took this into consideration and encoded her videos to play on both my IPOD and my PSP! How amazing is that?

In addition to the hand held formats she also has the usual stuff that will play on any PC, MAC or Linux system. I thought about downloading all of it but the collection is just so damn large and she keeps adding new shit three times a week so I guess I will have to let this thing rebill while I explore some more.

Callista Model doesn’t do hardcore but she does do herself. I am big into panty shots and her website is chock-full of them so I am one happy camper. You can be a happy camper too for an initial $24.95 which rebills at $19.95 a month. Not to shabby, like I said, I plan to stick around and so should you!

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Gigi Lightspeed Girls Kissing

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This here is Gigi Lightspeed and her Lightspeed Sorority girlfriends. For some strange reason watching Gigi and her girlfriends kiss turns me on… No, not just turns me on, it lights me on fire. I could watch Gigi kissing girls for hours and never lose interest.

Gigi has one of those girl nextdoor things going on. I use the word thing because I can’t put a finger on what that thing is… Attitude, looks… I am not sure.. but I am also not going to waste my time thinking about it either.

Instead I am going to dwell on Gigi. I love her small tits… Or should I say small boobs because the word boobs just seems to fit well with their size and shape. Her nipples are large without being overtly large. They are nice, puffy nipples. I can only imagine how good it must feel for her when someone sucks on them. I bet it makes her clit ache.

Gigi’s body is perfect. Not to skinny and not to chunky. She has enough extra flesh so that you can really feel it pressing up against you. She must be one hell of a lay.

Of course I could be talking about any of the lightspeed girls at this point. They all have that girl nextdoor quality. Right now they are running a promotion that is hard to pass up. For an extra $5 you get access to five lightspeed girls sites including! That is fucking sweet. But not as sweet as spending an extra $10… that gets you access to ALL of the girls.

That shit is off the hook. Remember to get plenty of lube and a Fleshlight. What is a Fleshlight? Take a look!

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