Misty Anderson – Girls Kissing

Can somebody tell me why I find that highly erotic?

Is it that they are both young and firm with nice tight bodies? Am I getting so old I think two for one is always a good bargain? Is there anything more erotic than two hot teen girls kissing?

Misty Anderson is getting older folks. No bones about it. But one thing is for sure, her tits are getting better and better the bigger they get! Another fact of Misty Anderson’s sex life is that she is getting more daring as time goes on.

For those of you that weren’t there in the beginning, Misty Anderson started out non-nude. Then she went topless. Then she went naked and now she is having sex with her friends!

Misty updates her site weekly with a new video and photo set. Plus, Misty also does live cam shows every week! You can have Misty Anderson do special requests by sending them to her private Email address or by contacting her on her members forum.

More than just a porn site, MistyAnderson.com is a doorway into this hot babes life!

Nubiles Zenia


When you think Nubiles all things softcore come to mind. Or maybe just all things soft. The word Nubiles sounds like baby soft skin and speaks of a naive mind. That is wrong however. Lately Nubiles.net has been branching out.

Now each week a new hardcore model is added. There still are plenty of polished barely legal teens for you to look at but, there are also plenty of girls like Zenia.

Zenia dances to the beat of a different drum. She wears sexy lingerie and even pierced her clit. She is the dream girl from a fantasy vacation in some far flung place. The fun one at Spring Break that isn’t afraid to initiate some girl on girl kissing for the cameras.

There are over 430 models at Nubiles and while the majority fit closer to the image the word Nubile conjures up, there are a hundred wild ones like Zenia for you to look at. Get your pass today and start searching the archives for your perfect Nubile!

Your Erotic Paradise

Your Erotic Paradise is the answer to the question, “What do you do with all of the unused content out there?” When I say unused I don’t mean bullshit content. I am talking about everything from the girl next door to the babe that wouldn’t give you the time of day.

The content at YourEroticParadise.com is both softcore and hardcore. They pull from around the web looking for hot chicks that slipped through the cracks. Often the girls have multiple photo sets and videos for you to download.

Last year Your Erotic Paradise began contracting their own models. So, now you get even more access to individual girls.

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The ever present mirror pic. Why do chicks shoot these mirror pics and send them to their boyfriends? Or worse yet, why do they upload them to their MySpace account and think their parents will never see them?

Then again, who really gives a shit why they do it. Let’s all be thankful that RealGf.com archives these candid pics for all to see. Real Girlfriends is the future of candid porn!

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RealGF is a community of thousands of members. Up until a year ago it was a private community. The only way in was to upload some photos or a video of a drunk chick getting banged on the couch. Now you can join for $19.95 a month and see what everyone else is posting.

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