Ivana Fukalot Car Masturbation

Girls are a funny breed of human. Take an old girlfriend of mind from high school for example. We went on an all day hike once out in the backwoods of America. Really beautiful sights and scenery.

After a few hours she wanted to return to the car to chill out for a while. No problem I figured. I decided to spend the time fishing, an activity she wasn’t much into.

So I leave her in the car listening to the stereo and I head on out down the trail back to the stream. Not far down the trail I realize I had left my pocket knife in the car, so I doubled back.

As I approached the car it seemed as though my girlfriend was sleeping so I quietly tip toed up to the car door. When I got to the car it became apparent that my girlfriend wasn’t sleeping… she was masturbating!

Up until that moment I had no idea this girl masturbated. She was super hot and kind of prissy. So not real big in the kinky department if you know what I mean.

I figured the best thing I could do at that point was to do nothing. In other words, I was just going to sit back and watch the show!

And what a show it was! She was using one hand to rub her clit at lightning speed while she thrust two fingers from her other hand into her tight pussy slit. Beads of sweat were running down her forehead and her chest. Her breathing sounded like that of somebody running wind sprints.

Part of me wanted to leave before she realized I was there. Another part of me wanted to know what was up with this girl. She didn’t let me have sex with her much so I figured maybe she wasn’t that interested in sex!

My girlfriend started moaning and her breathing began to slow. When it got back to normal she opened her eyes and was horrified to see me standing there. After several minutes of her calling me a pervert and accusing me of all sorts of things I finally got her to calm down.

I relayed to her my frustrations with never getting to fuck her and assuming she just wasn’t that into sex. Then I find her masturbating furiously out in the forest? What was up with that?

She told me it just seemed like such a comfortable setting and that she was thinking of me plowing my hard cock into her tiny pussy the whole time. The problem is that she didn’t want to get pregnant, plus her mom and dad were pretty strict with her. If they found out she was having sex they would literally move to another state!

We made a deal. Instead of kissing madly and parting ways at the end of a night, we would call it a night early so we could still have phone privileges. That way we could phone sex it up and at least have some kind of connection instead of masturbating alone all of the time.

Worked out awesome and we still share an occasional phone call!

In between the calls though I head on over to Ivana Fukalot. She has the same tight, highly athletic body type as my ex. And Ivana doesn’t mind going all the way!

Little Boobie Flasher


Some girls are all prissy and prudish. Not Lil Candy! She has been showing her body off ever since her little boobies started growing. So basically her senior year in high school!

As if it weren’t enough that she skipped a grade, and therefor, was not as developed as her fellow class-women, Lil Candy also didn’t start growing her boobies until she was 18 years old!

Candy was used to being teased a lot about her tiny tits. So when they finally started growing  in she was all too happy to prove they were budding and real by flashing her boobs. To this day Candy doesn’t even need a bra!

Get all of her barely legal videos and pictures straight form the source. Lil Candy is both the beauty and the brains behind her web site. With Christmas upon us she needs some love!