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The vast majority of my posts have to do with softcore solo models looking sexy in their own girl next door way. However, sometimes I come across a Midwest girl like this one wearing and looking the part of a farmers daughter. It is hard to resist such a girl. She has a certain nubile quality that drives a knife right into your psyche. You have to succumb to her wanton ways.

Finding a quality video like this one can be more trouble than it is worth. It is the reason so many of us still buy porn when there is so much of it available for free. I don’t want to see cookie-cutter bullshit porn. I don’t want to see a girl that is only hot because she has makeup on and fake tits. I want to see girls like this one that are hot without makeup or big tits.

If you feel the same way I do I have a hidden site you have probably heard of, but never experienced. It is called XNXX porn tube and it is the premier source for 100% free tube videos. There are over 1 million people that use XNXX every single day for their porno needs. You can’t go wrong with those kinds of numbers!

Amateur Nude Selfies Of Hot Teens

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As you know I get a chubby for candid photos featuring the girls next door. I have always had a thing for amateur girls. I don’t care much for Hollywood’s idea of what the ultimate girl should look like. Give me a girl with perky tits and I am happy even if they are small.

A buddy of mine tipped me off to a hot site for amateur nude selfies. The sweet thing about this place is that you can be enjoying it, get caught red handed by your significant other and then show her the gents side of the site to shut her up.

The site is called NSFW’ish. The "ish" part is attributed to the fact that most of the girls are naked, but some are just so fucking hot their nonnude photos make it onto the page.

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Pictures on are laid out like a gallery on the girls page with full sized pics available if you click on the representative thumbnails. Being that they are true amateurs the quality varies a lot, both in the quality of the subjects and the quality of the photography.

Updates come in throughout the week on NSFW’ish. With several hundred photos already in the system you have plenty enough jerkoff material to require a look. With the diversity of the girls I personally will be bookmarking this site and making it a starting point for future selfie pic expeditions. I suggest you do as well.