Paris Tale Hit It

Paris Tale

God didn’t give me enough fingers and toes to tell you how I would tap that shit. Paris has some fine assed tale – Damn! has only been open for members less than a month. You get some nice virgin territory to explore. Her website isn’t even official yet so you know it has to be tasty.

Don’t worry about content, I mean, sure it is new, but you get over 40 picture sets and six vids. All of them 100% completely nude and 100% completely blonde teen amateur. Plus you also get two updates a week. All of them never before seen nubile teen.

You might want to get your membership to Paris Tale tonight and then tell your friends about it around the water cooler tomorrow.

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Texas Twins

Texas Twins Carwash

There has never been a better time to be a man (or a bisexual woman) than right fucking now!

The Milton Twins were great and the Simpson Twins weren’t bad either but the Texas Twins have all of the qualities that make "the third time is a charm," ring true!

One look at the picture above and it is obvious that this website was set up to exploit all of the things a warm blooded man would fall for. Not just one but two hot blonds… Not just any hot blondes, but twins!

Now mix that in whit a lot of kissing and fondeling and clit licking and you have a real Texas rodeo.

OK, now wait… The twins don’t kiss each other… That’d be incest and that is illegal. These girls don’t touch each other, but they do masturbate infront of each other and that is one hell of a sight to see!

At you get these two tiny tits youngins and all of their friends. It’s a bit like having your cake, and eating it too. You get both WMV and MPEG format videos. You also get high definition pictures to accompany those videos.

Go ahead, make the Texas Twins your own personal christmas gift. Twin lesbians tag teaming their friends shaved boxes is something only a few lucky guys get to experience in their lifetime! Why not be one of the few that do?

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Mandi Collins Big Tits

Mandi Collins

This gallery has a name. That name is Lucky Shirt. And ohh, what a lucky shirt that shirt is!

Those heavenly knockers belong to none other than Mandi Collins. Mandi is a barely legal model with huge tits. Well, sure she doesn’t always look barely legal in every set, but there are plenty where she does.

Mandi definately has an awkward look. It is like coffee tastes. First you go hmm…. then you go hummm… and then you ask for more. Her tits are like caffine.

Those large tits are made even bigger by the fact that her chest is only 32 inches around. That is a small measurement when paired with Double-D sized tits! And she is a natural 32DD. Someone give this girl an award! updates every three to four days with pictures and she does webcam videos. The site has only been open for about a month, so she is just getting started. One thing is for sure, this strawberry blonde is in my rotation!

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Savanna Virgin Juicy Latina

Savanna Virgin Naughty Thoughts

OK, is it just me or are we all entertaining naughty thoughts about Savanna Virgin’s pink panties? Come on… it can’t just be me because half of you are pitching pup-tents right now.

First we will start of with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They had a baby in Africa and the Savanna is in Africa. See where I am going with this? Me neither… So we will move on to Argentina where Savanna Virgin was born. OK, now the picture is getting brighter!

Everyone knows that Latin women are naughty by nature and Savanna is no exception. She enjoys the company of both men and women. Both? Yeah, Latin women are so damn sexy, they turn each other on. Now that is hot!

At you get 100% exclusive content you cannot find anywhere else and the quality is top-notch. The next time you are in Argentina, hit the night clubs and you just might get lucky and find Savanna. If going to Argentina isn’t an option to you, get a pass and cyber-spank that juicy latina ass from your bedroom!

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Emily 18 on the Down Low

Emily 18 Barely Legal takes barely legal to the extreme. Emily is one lucky lady in that she seems to get younger with every new year, not older.

Emily is a cut above the rest. I have been with this young chick since the beginning and each week she releases more galleries that blow my mind away. Currently those updates are coming in every 1 to 3 days.

One of the best parts of Emily 18 is you are able to relive some moments from your life or create some new fantasies and Emily plays the part of a girl very convincingly. You get caught looking at this young lady and no problems… She is all legal!

Be smart (and legal) and get your own password for Emily 18!

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Twistys Anette Dawn


When it comes to beauty you cannot deny that the Twistys girls like Anette Dawn are so hot they melt the scale!

Each and every week brings you new and exciting faces. Some you have seen before and others you have not. Many of the hotties at Twistys you have seen in movies… porno movies… my favorite kind!

At least seventy percent of these babes have been featured in Penthouse, Playboy and other skin magazines of a high caliber. is also the top poacher of Playboy and Penthouse photographers.

With over 14,000 video clips and 75 full length DVD movies you will have a lot to do in the members area. There are over 1,400 models making the range of tastes so vast you probably will not get from A to Z even if you had all year!

But don’t let all of the glitz and glamour fool you, Twistys is not just about softcore babes. also has hardcore pornstars doing what they do best. I won’t go into too much graphic detail here so check out the hardcore video trailer on the main page.

400 Gigz of female flesh and 1,400+ models to choose from, make the right choice now and get your Twistys password now!

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