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Lil Emma


Have you ever watched a girl masturbate without her knowing she isn’t alone? I did once when I caught my best friends sister rubbing her clit to pictures in her yearbook!

My buddy and I were leaving his pad and going our separate ways when I realized I had forgotten my wallet inside. He unlocked the door and took off in his car asking me to lock it behind me.

On my way to his room to get my wallet I heard some rustling in his sisters room. What can I say? Curiosity got the best of me and I peeked in her slightly open door.

Laying on the bed, his sister had her skirt hiked up a bit and her cotton print panties were clearly visible. Also clearly visible was her pussy cleft. She was turning pages in her year book and once she found the one she wanted her finger began tracing that ridge in her panties. Before long they were a quarter-inch inside her pussy!

After several up and down traces of her crack she put her hand inside her panties and began working her clit. Soon her head tilted back and she began to moan. I hurried over to a front facing window to make sure my buddy was indeed gone and then hurried back to her door with my cock released from my pants.

I wasn’t sure how long it’d take her to cum or what she’d do once she had so I worked my cock feverishly trying to catch up to her.

Every once in a while she’d pop her eye open and tilt her head so she could look at her yearbook again. I was thinking, "Wow, who ever she is thinking about, she sure is thinking pretty damn hard about him!"

She dropped the yearbook by her side and grasped the bed sheets, pulling, with her newly freed hand. Just as she was about to cum she yelled out… My NAME!!!

While she had her eyes closed in orgasm I hurried over to the bathroom and quietly closed the door. Once inside I thought about shooting my load into the toilet and flushing… Then I saw some of her pink panties through the holes in the laundry basket and grabbed those instead. Once my hard cock felt her soft pink panties firmly wrapped around it I couldn’t hold back and shot what could easily have been the largest load of my life.

Just then somebody knocked on the door. It was her!

"Are you OK?"

"Yeah, no problems in here," I shot back.

"Alright," she said seemingly unconvinced.

Shit! Now she thinks I was going #2. What a way to blow a moment!

I quickly returned her panties to the laundry basket and flushed the toilet.

"I was going to take a shower," she informed me as I exited the bathroom, "you could have let me know you were going to stink it up."

"What? Oh. No. I just went pee."

"If you are moaning like that when you pee you really should see a doctor!" She giggled as she walked past me. Her eyes were staring at my half hard cock-bulge.

The door closed and the shower turned on. I hurried up and grabbed my wallet before she opened the clothes hamper and found her cum soaked panties. I was pretty embarrassed!

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Dirty 3D


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